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The Oracle Report 09 - 20 - 2021 Monday

By: Archeia Faith

Wow!!!!!!!!!!! Intensity tune-up for All ready for the next level in surrender! Grateful that today is a Monday, red day, root chakra influences to help ease the entry and accompanying heightened sensitivity of the full moon in Pisces.

For those of us who are consistent in our grounding and re-centering process, swimming through this piscean ethereal energy will be a multidimensional adventure!

Pisces is a very watery, imagination heavy influence, for those who have been honoring their process and allowing the energies of Mother of All Creation to play through them this Pisces full moon offers doors of opportunity.

As with all full moons, release and cycle-completion are big themes, woo!! This pisces full moon is about so, so, SO much more, I mean doesn't it feel B I G ?! IT IS!!! This pisces full moon is literally a Grand Junction, with millions of past timelines and future timelines converging in this here and NOW.