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The Oracle Report 09 - 20 - 2021 Monday

By: Archeia Faith

Wow!!!!!!!!!!! Intensity tune-up for All ready for the next level in surrender! Grateful that today is a Monday, red day, root chakra influences to help ease the entry and accompanying heightened sensitivity of the full moon in Pisces.

For those of us who are consistent in our grounding and re-centering process, swimming through this piscean ethereal energy will be a multidimensional adventure!

Pisces is a very watery, imagination heavy influence, for those who have been honoring their process and allowing the energies of Mother of All Creation to play through them this Pisces full moon offers doors of opportunity.

As with all full moons, release and cycle-completion are big themes, woo!! This pisces full moon is about so, so, SO much more, I mean doesn't it feel B I G ?! IT IS!!! This pisces full moon is literally a Grand Junction, with millions of past timelines and future timelines converging in this here and NOW.

To look at this etherically is a straight up fucking trip.

The etheric and Mom are excited as All balls, and even through I can't fully conceive of it All I can feel it lol and will do my best to convey.

Imagine those train roundabouts where the train drives on and then can rotate onto anyone of 12 or so surrounding tracks, that is one image I've been shown of these energies.

Simply out This is about widening Channels, widening Our own channels of surrender and perception and letting full Trust take the wheel!! No doubt, no fear!!.

The Winds of Change are in the AIR literally and figuratively!! I mean seriously, HOW WINDY HAS IT BEEN!! Much change occurring now, leaves that were headed one way could end up ANYWHERE!

Energetic stalemates that you may have been entrenched in ARE the focus point of this full Moon's energy, which is honing in on the non-conducive Scenarios with a laser point to completely divert you from that consequence should you choose!!!

These piscean energies have come to sprinkle some magic on these stalemates, so that what remains doesn't resemble or even have anything to do with what was present before.

180 degree switch ups that require surrender, excitement and leaps of Faith are on the menu for today and the next three days of this full moon portal!

With so much water energy at play, ethereal magic is filling Our every cell and if we have transformed All significant stores of fantasy, distractions and affecting control dramas this will be DEEPLY experienced.

Picture a sleepy Town, cars pull into driveways and garages, alarms click on, Alarms click off, doors open, doors shut as humdrum Suburbia rolls on. Imagine every being in this town getting opportunities, Spirit of the moment leaps of faith in new directions, a piercing of the veil occurring that leaves everyone with a new perspective and everyone trusting and feeling this enthralling shift!!!

This is one-dimension of the intention of these incoming energies, TO GIVE BIRTH TO HUMANITIES DEEPER SURRENDER INTO THE ENERGIES OF LOVE IN THE UNKNOWN!!

Your soul, my soul, All Souls are made in the energies of LOVE AND THE UNKNOWN, these are the only Two frequencies that exist outside of Earth, and these are the highest frequencies of resonance the soul can experience.

Mother of All Creation is testing SOUL RESPONSIVENESS and its capacity to jump and Trust love in the unknown, so be Heart Open for the ways in which those is presenting in your experience!!!

With a twinkle in Her eye, She Delights to see Her Children ready to jump into the river and let go of the Shore!!

Wow. That was fun!!! 🌎❤️🌈🎉

Love you All!!! In eternal Service and Surrender to Mother of All Creation!!

Archeia Faith


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