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The Oracle Report 09 - 19 - 2021 Sunday

By: Archeia Faith

The Oracle Report 09 - 19 - 2021 Sunday

For those for those of you who have honored your "gestation" period today will start feeling like the siren was sounded to Herald the beginning of "the race."

Reheart, it is not a race. After all cocooning periods the butterfly emerges excited and eager to fly, but don't forget the grace and patience learned within the Cocoon, carry that with you now as you take flight.

Grace and patience are hard earned Divine qualities to be continually honored and check in on.

Today is a Six-Day 09 - 19 - 2020

09 = 9

19 = 1 + 9 = 10 = 1

2021 = 2 + 2 + 1 = 5

9 + 1 + 5 equals 15

1 + 5 = 6

6 represents Family, Family Life, Family Values, Unity Consciousness. Those of us with heavy 6 influences will have had many deep phases of disenchantment as the true expression of family has not been present.

This knowing of the blueprint of true family, coupled with patience and Grace will gift you with every "right" word, thought and action, to help Foster loving connections and channels of true full support.

Be that consistent presence regardless of if you are receiving that back. No expectations.

Holding an expectation of something repels that very thing from actualizing.

Sand held tightly in the hand is squeezed out between the fingers and lost. Sand held Loosely, gracefully, gently in the hand will sit right there, mirroring the patience and acceptance of your cupped and receiving/giving hand.

Let it all go. Thoughts held too tightly will plague you until the maturity of acceptance is learned and anchored.

Let go.

This is an inner journey, others may have walked parts of your path but your Matrix is yours alone to walk through and out of with Her, so do not seek answers obsessively outside yourself.

Patience and surrender in your circumstances will provide the right environment for that deeply held inner truth to surface.

The the void can be intimidating, as the pressure of the program attempts to convince you you must be DOING something. STOP.

In the void of not doing, you will learn the art of BEing. Once you know how to BE you will do and say all that you are destined to.

Patience young grasshopper, you are made of Stardust and as you gestate in your black hole you are remembering how to shine without trying. So stop trying, it will only slow you down.

You know you know where you are headed, but you are a passenger on the train, not the driver. BEing a surrendered passenger is the ultimate faith. Make the journey fun, allow grandness to flow through you as everyone with you in that carriage is your family, and they may not have the faith in the driver that you do.

BE the example and do not concern yourself with searching for answers.

Choo choo!!!!!!!!!! Here comes the train!!!!!!!!!!!

In eternal and loving service to Mother of All Creation,

Archeia Faith


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