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The Only Way to God is Through Choosing Love

By: Grace Solaris

The mind control programming that is ongoing and bombarding the universal mind is getting louder than ever... so loud I am hearing it every night since a couple of weeks... the inverted reality narrative is bombarded at us 24/7. The sickening tax ine programming scapegoating division programming, the LGBT BS, the sexualization of children, transgender programming, cancel culture and the "naturalization" towards all that is not in alignment with divine order but inverted and in honor of the demonic agenda aimed at distorting and dividing us from our godlyness.

So much division between humanity at present... it is heart breaking, sister against sister, brother against brother, child against parents, parents against children, jabbed against not jabbed, masked against non masked, culture against culture, nation against nation. Never has duality and the "us against them" agenda been more evident for those with eyes to see. But many do not see as they refuse to face their own shadow and are too busy to obey and defend what they refuse to face, as this presents a serious threat of their world as they "know" it collapsing to the ground in front of their eyes.

It is time now to have a serious look in the mirror... the mirror of every person you encounter, each a mirror of yourself... each a mirror of the ONE. What is it in you that you detest so much, that you refuse to embrace it... why can´t you just let others BE without having to judge. When you point fingers at others you point fingers at self. When you condemn others, you condemn yourself. When you withhold love to others, you withhold love to self. Re-member each and every person you encounter whether on social media or out there are real human beings like you, just struggling to find god within, to realize that they ARE LOVED. Start seeing everyone as your next. Start seeing them with the eyes of love. Start being an open space for love and you will feel a deep relief and burden fall off your shoulders, a stone falling from your heart. Until you do that, you shall not find peace within, until then you shall not find god within, until you realise god is within your next and right there next to you.

Remember next time you are out with your finger pointing it at your next, to remind yourself you are pointing it at yourself. And ask yourself... what is the outcome if I judge... what is the outcome if I set them free to BE... what would love do... ?

Let´s stand together as brothers and sisters and transcend all our differences, let´s meet in our hearts and raise our vibration to one of non-judgement and allow our next the freedom to BE, to breathe and live his or her life as they choose. Some will choose suffering and victimhood and living in fear, as a means to learn and that is a choice, that has been made by their soul as a means of awakening. Let them be free to do so. Others have chosen to be sovereign and free and embody love and live life to the fullest. Let them BE, this too is a choice made by their soul as a means to awakening. No way is better, than the other. Let´s not let it divide us, but hold a space of love and acceptance for everyone to grow and evolve and awaken in their divine timing. Do not allow those in power to create division between you and your brothers and sisters. It only creates division within self... between you and god.

The only way to god is thru choosing love over and over and over and realise god in your next. Love is the freedom to BE. Remember you are your next. There is only One. Those that choose love, are the chosen ones and shall inherit the earth... the new heaven on earth, that is only found within.

Grace Solaris

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