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The Only Way to God is Through Choosing Love

By: Grace Solaris

The mind control programming that is ongoing and bombarding the universal mind is getting louder than ever... so loud I am hearing it every night since a couple of weeks... the inverted reality narrative is bombarded at us 24/7. The sickening tax ine programming scapegoating division programming, the LGBT BS, the sexualization of children, transgender programming, cancel culture and the "naturalization" towards all that is not in alignment with divine order but inverted and in honor of the demonic agenda aimed at distorting and dividing us from our godlyness.

So much division between humanity at present... it is heart breaking, sister against sister, brother against brother, child against parents, parents against children, jabbed against not jabbed, masked against non masked, culture against culture, nation against nation. Never has duality and the "us against them" agenda been more evident for those with eyes to see. But many do not see as they refuse to face their own shadow and are too busy to obey and defend what they refuse to face, as this presents a serious threat of