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When we incarnate on planet earth, there is a deep remembrance of WHOLENESS and UNITY within our souls. So from birth we are in reality wishing to be reunited with the ONE AND ONLY, the one who will fill a void we feel deep inside of ourselves, and essence indeed wish to fill and be fulfilled at levels we cannot put voice to. It is there. So we search for the One and Only. We look for this One and Only to manifest OUTSIDE ourselves, as we yearn to the ultimate state of bliss, of Oneness and Unity. Yet, no matter how much we try, the Oneness and Unity in truth cannot be found with someone OUTSIDE of ourselves. We can experience fleeting moments of Oneness and Bliss and even Divinity with another soul – but only to a point. Then the void within will reestablish itself, and indeed we then get restless and start looking over the fence to the greener grass which seemingly grows on the other side. Indeed, then, when we leave the one, we thought was the One and Only and jump over the fence to join the enticing One and the supposed greener grass, again fleeting moments of Oneness, Unity and Bliss. Then the void establishes itself again and again. “Love me! Fill me! Fulfill me!” is the cry because deep down one feels one is not lovable, not whole, not loved. It becomes a desperate quest for The One and Only who finally be THE ONE who will love and fulfill and fill the void. Until, one day, after a long search, we finally stand in front of the Sacred Altar of the Divine and we surrender everything: all our ego self, all our false expectations, all our false programming, all our romantic fantasies – indeed all, even our void. The Divine Smiles. For at last we are ready to find the TRUTH. The Eternal Truth. That indeed the Beloved, the Divine Complement we so desperately searched for, is indeed WITHIN OURSELVES! For until we finally marry the Divine Masculine with the Divine Feminine WITHIN ourselves and embrace our own DIVINITY and indeed find the deepest and purest WHOLENESS within, we will never find this to outside ourselves. For only when we become AS ONE with the DIVINE and embrace the Divinity which lives within us, can we truly express unconditional love for self, for all of life strives towards androgyny. Androgyny is indeed the highest state of existence. Wholeness. Unity. Balance, and harmony. What I am sharing here is indeed a very Sacred Key. For indeed, when the Sacred Marriage takes place within oneself, there is inner peace. Inner harmony. Inner Contentment. Inner Wholeness. Unconditional Love. One is Fulfilled. One is filled. And only now, one is indeed ready, to finally experience SOUL MERGING in the highest degrees, the SOUL FIRE merging, which goes beyond words nor expression. Yet, that is another lesson, for another day. Therein lies the holy of holiest. The Mysteries of Mystery. Yet, within every seeming Mystery there lies a Divine Holy Code and Key. More I will not say. For the highest meaning, the highest Unity, lies within the Soul itself. Not outside. Within. Let those who understand – understand. Let those who truly seek – find. This is the Time of Revelation, when we finally are being led back to the Highest Truth, as all false programming falls away. **By Judith Kusel


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