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The New Relationship Templates

By: Ramona Lappin

are build on deep connection, transparency and true intimacy not codependent attachment styles that are build on energetic imbalances, where both feed off each others energy (depleting) instead of creating and generating (eternally replenishing) more energy together in Divine Co-creation! We celebrate all that arises, giving each the freedom to find themselves and their own inner fulfillment, to self realize, instead of trying to cling onto, manipulate or trying to control something that is impermanent by nature, as all physical manifestations are! Yet we also acknowledge our longing for Divine Union with another. It's both. All whilst remembering that the only constant is change.

What are we trying to cling onto? What are we running away from or are afraid of? When we have an attachment to someone or something then we try to control an outcome, we need something to be a specific way for us to be happy. That is us giving our power away, for our happiness to be depending on other people's actions or non actions which actually have nothing to do with us. Yet when our wounds get triggered, that's our part to address. So it's always a divine co-creation to resolve and integrate that which requires transcendence and healing. Attachments carry expectations to outcomes or needing things to be a certain way can leave us disappointed. Yet when we instead celebrate all that arises, knowing that all is ultimately serving us, all part of our personal expansion and growth, we allow flow to happen and thIs state is what allows for us to align with what is meant for us. Not forcing our ego will that has limited perception. Because there truly is nothing to chase, force, manipulate, control or push, that's just the fear of us losing something that can not be lost acting out. Or trying to get someone to change into something we would rather like them to be.

Freedom is at the core of the New Relationship Templates but so is Commitment. Transcending the distortions of the past, of what we were taught relationships were about that resulted in imbalanced dynamics, conflict, drama, trauma, heartbreak and even a war between genders, all going back to the 'Original Split'. The distortions within the Relationship Templates then got carried forth and 'mutated' for generations, until we came to change it all! Transcending the Energies and distortions underlying these unhealthy exchanges and attachment styles, all comes back to the Relationship we have with ourSelf. As we bring that into balance all else will fall into place naturally. As we align, all aligns. As we come into Divine Union with Self and the outer shall manifest. All distorted patterns now to be healed, unified and elevated to a higher expression where the inner and outer Polarities are no longer at odds with one another, where both exist without friction or tension between them. No longer at war!! All brought to balance and harmony, to Unification, Healing the split and distortions as we heal ourselves and bring all back to inner Unification and Harmony. Back to Peace. Back to BALANCE!

All starts and comes back to us. Nothing to hold onto, nor run away from because any feelings of separation between us and others is in the end a reflection of the inner disconnection we feel with our true Self, life and Source. All a reflection of the inner conflicts that are still raging, highlighting those aspects that still require integration and unconditional Love.

Eternal Love & Blessings, Ramona

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