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The Language of Light


The avatars and masters have now permeated the gridwork of the world, bringing with them their own tools for teaching. The tools that are being utilized on this planet are artifacts that are not of your dimension, symbolic forms that literally have a life of their own. They make up what is known as the Language of Light.

You are implanted with a structure, a geometric form, which triggers certain information within you. It also facilitates, for those who work with you, the sending of information directly into your being. The large majority of you are implanted, and, if you are not now, shortly you will be if you choose to open and align yourself.

No one is implanted who does not choose it. This structure of the Language of Light is a way of receiving information and energy to facilitate your development. It is a method of learning without doing it through books or through the intellect. It involves opening to the belief that there is indeed a hierarchy, immense beyond your comprehension, that has been working with humanity since the very beginning.

This hierarchy works with love, cherishes who you are, and has been able to see through the time mechanisms that are keyed into the planet to know that consciousness is ready for the evolutionary leap. There are 144,000 members of the spiritual hierarchy who are infused in the gridwork of the planet at this time. Each master has its own seal that represents one portion of the Language of Light, and you have 144,000 seals of energy that will eventually be infused within your being.

To start with, you will work with the twelve forms that the body will be able to hold. Much later, once the transformation has occurred, there will be an infusion of the entire 14-1,000 symbolic language structures through your being. That will be an unfoldment that cannot even be explained in this lifetime.

This mutation is a process unfolding within you that will allow you to move into another realm of experience. Each person on the planet has the potential to move through this mutation. Many will stop the process because they do not have the desire to align themselves with higher consciousness.

When you are aware of who you are, that is one thing. When you become aware of the divine consciousness that seeds this planet-an intellect that is vast, loving, and works with you-and when you call to that consciousness and ask to be a portion of it, that is when you are implanted with the geometric forms.

The Pleiadians through the beautiful Barbara Marciniak

Artist: @indg0


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