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The issue of sexual feeding and harvesting

The issue of sexual feeding and harvesting is widespread and how the 1% is and has kept humanity enslaved and mind controlled for thousands of years. They are indeed sex magic masters, but use it to gain power and controle and not least to manifest their own agenda. Most people are absolutely and totally unaware, that they are infiltrated and used as a vessel for the 1%, so they may think they are light workers and serve the light, but actually are means or rather instruments thru which the dark work their magic (mind controle) and harvest energy. Let alone all those that are not involved in spirituality and on the awakening path, that are being brainwashed daily by the media day in and out and swallow everything, that is served on their plate, without thinking twice.

The 1% could not exist without harvesting this sexual life force energy. It also cause individuals to engage in porn or sexual distorted behaviors like s/m, bondage etc and turns into addictions, because of the ongoing mind controle and infiltration and they then feed on those that practice and engage with this low vibrational distorted behavior and use them as an ongoing source of sexual loosh energy, which includes lower emotions such as guilt and shame, which they thrive on! It is a delicacy for them. Time for a reality check ?!

And yes it needs to be adressed again and again. The sexual energy harvesting and feeding is the very "thing" that empowers those that are in power and has held this planet entrapped for many thousands of years and exploited the human race. It is why the child trafficking is taking place... this very moment hundreds of thousands of children are being trafficked and sexually abused across the globe. Yes it is happening right now maybe in your city or community. The sexual feeding and harvesting may even happen within your own family. Thru having h