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The Inner Child's Love

Dear Children of Earth, we came here to enjoy the Beauty of this magnificent earthly experience. We came here to allow our childlike wonder and curiosity to take us on a magical adventure, to choose to experience Love in every Present moment and to share this Love in the most authentic, vulnerable and joyful way. Our expression of Love has no limits. Love is forever evolving and continuously expanding, so our inner child can constantly wonder about the next great Love adventure. However, it is in the Present moment of now, where the Magic lies. In this moment, we have the opportunity to choose to see the world through the eyes of an innocent child, wondering about Love and Life and one's own role in this cosmic game. To see the world as a magical playground, overflown with opportunities to Be our Divine Majestic Self. The self that makes us smile when we see their reflection. The one we want to keep playing with until late into the night. The one we Love to Love in every moment. We are here to walk our path in wonderment and be in awe of the Beauty our Beloved Gaia has blessed us with. To lovingly coexist with every Being that crosses our path and to celebrate every NOW moment as the Magical Divine Blessing that it truly is. Love and Light, Lucy

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