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The Incoming Energies of May

Written By: Lia


Greetings Love Beings, SHIFT HAPPENS!

May is going to Be Exciting as Energy is contagiously spiraling around the Planet affecting everything. We have Energies pouring in through all Directions INTENSELY and even more so In these next 72 Hours. We have The Eclipse Energies, The New Moon Energies, and The New Earth energies Continuing to Arrive from the Galactic Center.

To top it all off we just received Some Energy from a Solar Wind Stream adjusting the Magnetics Around the Planet and Within Humanity. There is no where to Hide for the lower vibrational frequencies, this Planet is Moving Up and transformation is inevitable. The Truth is Rising!!! Acceleration of the The Pure Consciousness energy, The Unified Field is Expanding On this Planet Earth=Heart. Since Consciousness is Creation its an unstoppable and indestructible Energy overflowing abundantly now into this Planet and into everyone. Humanity Has no other Choice but to Raise Into the 5D Frequencies or leave this Planet.

Across the Lightworker Networks, One Truth We all can Agree on is that we are In Immense Moments of Change and Transformation on this Planet with All of these Intense Energies. The Ride Forward and Up has begun for those who have released the programming and are Choosing Love Every Moment. This Entire Solar System is Packed with Our Starships to Witness This Grand Event for the First Time In Creation.

We feel we have turned the corner with many souls now becoming clearer as to actually what has taken place Since December 21st, 2021. Unfortunately, After this took place, many people were disoriented as expectations of what they imagined this event would be Like did not get fulfilled. A Big Event Indeed Occurred and a New Beginning Opened Up. Source Energies from The Galactic Center are Now Pouring IN. As a result For many they are arriving at the fork in the road. Everyone has 2 choices Love or fear. With the current energy arriving, many will be forced to make a decision. Only One Choice leads them Home.

The Greatest Adventure in All Of Creation Is Underway for those In the Oneness Energies and are connecting to the Unity Higher Grid. The Higher Grid has Been in A Process of Completion for Many Years and Now it is Completely On and Active. With this We are able to Pour through the 5D Frequencies of Balanced Harmonics Energy Directly Into The Planet. No way to stop this.

When We shared the Ball is Now Rolling, Its rolling with Energy of Truth, FINALLY. What we will Witness Next Is More People Stepping forward and this energy momentum will expose, reveal, and Bring Forward All Love is Everywhere Present. This will Be Opening the Doors for others to Step Forward. This will create a Domino Effect for the Truth Movement which will Open the Doors for REAL LOVE TO ENTER. The Moment has arrived, we have passed the tipping point! HERE WE GO!

Decreed by Heaven~ SHIFT HAPPENS LOVES! The Ball is rolling, First Event to Unfold is Full Disclosure all other events will follow this. First Wavers are activating their Higher Selves into Physical Manifestation for this facet of the Divine Plan.

This is the Divine Plan Manifesting Now On Planet Earth=Heart.

Remember Loves we are not on a time linear schedule, We are on A Divine one!

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