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The High Council of the Pleiades: Disclosures

Via Channel: Inger Noren

It is with great pleasure that we can tell you that now is finally the time to go come with the disclosures that so many have been waiting for. With these difficult but absolutely necessary decisions to come out with disclosures that will shock most of the population and make those who are still sleeping deeply wake up from the illusion and to see the true reality.

After much work and much deliberation, we have come to the conclusion that it is no longer possible to wait. Even the light workers will be shocked by this brutality and total lack of empathy and compassion for the population. These revelations will be published in the media in the coming days and it is the biggest and most serious message that we give out to the population in the first place, but more will follow. This will lead to great difficulties and many do not know how to relate to their faith when it comes to the government they have chosen for themselves and for the good of the country. To be so totally surprised by these lies and manipulative can be too much for many and the light workers have a big task ahead of them to try to calm many people by explaining what is happening on Earth and in the Universe.

Most of the population has no idea what is happening to the Earth and has not understood or did not want to understand what this shutdown has meant for the entire Universe. These people will not follow the ascension because they need to continue in the lower vibration until they have developed and are ready for the ascension. There are also those who do not want to believe in this shift for the Earth and