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The Goddess Has Returned

The return of the Goddess is something to be celebrated by both men and women. It is a return to wholeness. It is a return to love. It is a return to honouring life. It is a return to empowerment where we individually and collectively once again understand and experience that we create our reality. As we embrace the Goddess our world will naturally transform. We are moving into the new paradigm and it doesn’t matter if we believe this or not. The world has decided, Gaia has decided, God&Goddess has decided and The Source has decided. We are being deeply assisted in this time, but we must tune inward and face the inner work as it arises.

Life flows in waves of feminine energy. There would be no life on Earth without the Mother. Nurturing always, judging never, the Goddess is the embodiment of all growth and progress. Mother Earth is fertile and ever-growing. The natural relationship of the human to the Earth is receptivity. Balanced humans live in a reciprocal, symbiotic relationship with their Mother: complementing, enriching, expanding in waves of life, love, joy and peace. This movement is the return of the authority of the Goddess, absent from the dominant civilizations of the Earth for more than Five thousand years. With the rising of the Mother Goddess presence this has Activated many Portals and Vortexs that had been inactive for thousands of years. This Helps to stabilize the Planetary Crystalline Grid and Ley-lines.

For the first time in long ages, Goddess Isis is returning to the Earth. She Has Reclaimed Her Crown. When fully embodied here, The Isis vibration of pure, unconditional love is going to propel the entire human race through a phase transition to an entirely new way of living and being. When Isis rules in every human heart, there will be no more sickness, no more sorrow, no more destruction for Mother Earth and Humankind. All species will live in harmony, all of life will progress in unlimited expansion of love, joy and full human enlightenment. This is the At-one-ment, the full expansion and blossoming of Unity Consciousness for every human.

This is the time of the Goddess and return of the Divine Feminine. We are in gestation in the womb and preparing for our rebirth. Until then, we are clearing, purging, and detoxing the old paradigm from our physical and spiritual being and this includes accelerated healing and overcoming physical ailments and dis-ease. The Goddess Consciousness & Love has returned to the planet and it is here to stay. You can feel this in your own awareness as a deeply Loving and nurturing presence within the Heart Chakra. Your Sacred Heart allow her majestic radiance to enter. At this time we are being reminded of the incredible Power of Love that the human heart has stored within its superior inner chamber. The human heart when linked with the awakened Soul has the ability to overcome any obstacle and to create what it truly desires. To heal the rift in the fabric of life inflicted by patriarchal structure, we need to come together to co-create a new world, and weave the weave that will be strong enough to hold us all.

Many blessings to you as we transition into a time of Global Peace and Love. Now it is time for the Goddess, your Mother God, to radiate the fullness of her love, compassion, creativity and wisdom throughout this Universe. Every Facet of Creation is being touched and affected by this awesome gift. The time has come for Earth and Humanity to be filled with overflowing unconditional love, compassion, strength, liberty and purity. The awakening of the Divine Feminine is, simply put, the understanding that what we call God isn’t exclusively masculine. But it’s also an awakening to the Earth’s consciousness, an understanding that we need to change our relationship with the Great Mother, our planet. We must begin by healing the relationship with the feminine within ourselves, whether male or female.

For thousands of years masculine energy has been in control and the feminine energy has been suppressed. Now Goddess Energy has Fully Returned & Her Love is more Powerful than ever. The Feminine aspect of the Divine seeks to awaken. In many the Goddess has already awakened. For men this does not mean they become more feminine. It means they have access to more internal resources than before. For women, there is a greater understanding of feminine power. The Inner Priestess seeks equal power with masculine architypes within the psyche. Awakened Women are embracing new ideas and techniques that allow them to empower their deepest feminine energy. Women are stepping up along with men who have strong connections to their Divine feminine side. The return of the Goddess is about synergy. An equality of power that has not truly occurred across the planet in recorded history. Now Is That Time.

Art by Android Jones


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