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by: Debbie Edwards

Four planets and our Moon are now in Aries, none of which are in Retrograde status.

Together we have:

Venus in Aries

Mars in Aries

Moon in Aries

Jupiter in Aries

Chiron in Aries

This particular cluster may blaze through to add gasoline to our inner fires. Don’t worry though, and don't be afraid. In one hand you hold the match. You don’t have to strike it on anything because in the other hand, you hold the pail of water that can extinguish this fire by the influences of dreamy Neptune in watery Pisces. Love heals many wounds, if we can transmute the pain of our scars.

What will help us here is perspective. We may not be able to control what people do or say to us, but we can control how we respond.

We are going to see people gain a level of confidence they haven’t had in a long time. Our inner warrior is going to emerge, and it will prompt us to stand our ground, fight for what’s right, and defend those who cannot defend themselves, so long as we can get out of our own way to do it.

People who especially take on the role of guardianship and stewardship over others will find an invigorated passion to advocate more on their behalf. We could see some pretty incredible fireworks between those who hold the power and those who don’t. This could manifest between families who have conservatorships, who are executors of wills and estates, or people who have custody and those who want to take it away. For those who need to update their wills, insurance coverage, caregiver schedules, custodial paperwork, parenting time paperwork, or medical rights should take the prompting to do so. This could be on a small scale or something that requires litigation.

Those who are attuned to Spirit know a foul wind has been on the horizon for some time; a battle between good and evil is growing. This may feel intensified or highlighted in some way starting tonight. We could see a collapse within spiritual circles that have abused their position of authority. We could also see ill intent become exposed, and people who have used cruelty or fear as a means of keeping others in line. We may see a new resurgence of strength from the side of lightworkers and those that wield truth as their sword. This will help to dispel and disempower fear, misrepresentation, and distortion of facts. We could also see this on a bigger scale between jurisdictions, state and federal agencies, and even warring countries.

Powerful dreams are likely to stream through the ethers as well, inspiring us and calling us to action. We may experience dreams where we are in battle with others, or something ominous that is trying to chase after us we can’t quite pinpoint. Going within to discern what is being shown to us will help.

Visualizations, meditation, work on the astral plane, and setting intentions will help us weed through the muddy quagmire. We are not alone and never were. And that is the point. Lightworkers are being conjoined and brought together in record numbers lately and we are going to see more evidence of that.

We must also take care to put attention to self discipline. Those who are prone to making war with themselves will need balanced perspective. Self deprecation or self harm could need intervention. There is no weakness in asking for help, or knowing help is needed. Sometimes a fresh pair of eyes can help us glean a beautiful new perspective. Mistakes are part of life. Swimming in the soup of self punishment over them doesn’t help anyone.

We are going to be tasked to fix what we broke, even though it may feel like an uphill climb to do so. Apologies go a long way and for many people, apologies are what’s left to offer. It becomes the glue that repairs connections that were fragile to begin with. Even if people cannot make amends, clearing ones conscience breaks through the blockages that hold them back.

There are things in the world we cannot do to effect change if we aim too high and rally against a target too big. But we can effect change on a smaller more personal scale, and together, that is how we grow. That is how we expand our reach. We must work together. Teamwork and partnership will go a long way this coming week. We may be surprised to learn how may allies we have, and people in our corner who genuinely care about our welfare, who also share the same passion and ethics. Sometimes from the darkest situations, we learn who our guardian angels, friends, and soul family are.

Exercising self control and being unafraid are the main ways we can work through this intense period. We have to figure out the best way to express ourselves while not undermining our own efforts to make a point. This intensity is going to keep pulsing for much of the remainder of the year. So this isn’t a sprint. It’s a marathon.

Sometimes we spend so long in the trenches of war, that we forget how to be at peace. This is our goal; attaining peace. We mustn’t use love as a weapon any more than we would use cruelty to put evil in its place. Weaponized love can be a false God. This is an act of self righteousness and unjustified action. This is baneful Magic. Wearing a mantle of vigilantism uses destruction to eradicate something negative but in turn, becomes a negative act. This doesn’t mean we shouldn’t take action. This is very much a period of taking action!

This period of time may trigger those who want to seek out revenge against others who betrayed them. If possible, the best course of action is to just block and sever the connection. Delete those Facebook connections, block the ex-lover who parades their new love around, and delete those phone numbers of people you haven’t spoken to in years who you still try to attract just so you can diss them once they do reach out.

Don’t surrender to the ploys of the media, or listen to those who have become radicalized in their positions. Know who the true enemy is, and most importantly, know what the real enemy is; division, oppression, and tyranny. This is a time to elevate above emotional manipulation and not allow anyone to play games with our hearts or minds.

The world is full of dark hungry things that don’t stop to eat, sleep, or breathe. Their mission is to separate us and destroy our free will.

The world is also full of an immense vibrant light that is intent on illuminating the truth, keeping us aligned with our humanity, and bringing us into accordance with the balance of duality.

We must never assume our efforts are in vain, even if we don’t see immediate proof. This is where faith has merit. We must support our position so much, that we don’t waiver even if we believe we are standing alone. Because assuredly, others are watching and will see our example.

During this Aries influence, we will be asked to keep fighting the good fight without losing ourselves in the process. We can overcome anything put in front of us. And those who can no longer do it, will have the opportunity to pass their torch onto others. This is how our passions become our ministry that guides others on the path. This is where we are tasked with being deliberate about what we teach and how we choose to use our pulpit. We have a great level of responsibility to ourselves and others.

Keep the flame lit you brave warriors. Rest if you must. But don’t give up.

Debbie Edwards


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