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The Fifth Dimension

The Fifth Dimension

Dear beloved ones,

The Fifth Dimension: It’s where you come from, where you go when you die, and where you go when you ascend.

This plane is the inner world of the Divine, the realm where God, Goddess, and Spirit exist. It is the realm of spirit, of infinite possibilities, of higher consciousness and enlightenment.

In this plane, you can change anything here—a limiting belief, a traumatic experience, a limiting thought, a painful emotion. You can instantly heal anything here — physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

All things are possible here.

Everything you could ever want to know about your spirituality is contained in this plane. It’s like the Internet, except with 1000 times more power and information. You can connect with all the spiritual dimensions of the universe.

The power of the fifth dimension is the power of clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, and Claircognizance. It is the ability to know all things.

It is the expansion of consciousness to a higher level of vibration. It is inner clarity, love, and universal healing.

Whenever you imagine something, be it in your waking life or in your dreams, it manifests itself. This is the power of the fifth dimension.

The fifth dimension is the realm of your imagination coming to life. It is where all of your wishes manifest. When you imagine something, the fifth dimension is honing its skills to bring that image into being.

Sometimes through technology. We have devices we call replicators or 3D printers. They are technologically advanced to a degree that even food can be replicated. It will be natural, organic, and contain all vital nutrients and love by mother nature.

In 5D things are different. There's no need for many of the time-consuming physical processes that are currently a necessity in your world.

In 5D things manifest instantly. But not always out of thin air.

In the same way that we have created healing technologies and devices, like for example the med beds or organ replicators, we also developed machines that can replicate things or even create them from scratch.

Other times, you may use the power of your consciousness to bring something into creation. All you have to do is think about the image, and your fifth-dimensional frequency will do the rest.

Your imagination can also manifest something physical into your world. If you dream about winning the lottery, you can actively use your imagination to manifest that winning lottery number. Simply think of what the number would be if you won the lottery.

And vice versa, the fifth dimension also manifests in your dreams.

If you dream about a romance or event, it means this lover or event is already taking place in the fifth dimension.

The five physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual dimensions (also called levels of reality) are interconnected. For example, thoughts can affect our physical bodies, emotions affect our spiritual bodies, and your spiritual bodies your astral bodies.

The Fifth Dimension is a source of infinite potential, power, and knowledge.

You can do everything in your life here by changing your perspective, loving yourself, being in spirit, becoming your best friend, and healing yourself.

At this time you are awake, each day your consciousness expands. You are becoming increasingly aware of your vibration. Soon your abilties will improve and one day you see clearly where your thoughts and words take you. Your thoughts and words become more powerful.

What you focus on is what you create. And what you are focusing on is expanding.

The fifth dimension is a high form of energy. It is the energy of love, compassion, and forgiveness. It is the energy that heals, the energy that transforms, the energy that triumphs over all negativity and inequality. It is the energy of divine consciousness. It is the energy of the divine spark.

The power of the fifth dimension is instant healing. No one has to die, get injections of something, or be put into a hospital bed.

It can heal any disease, any mental or physical illness, any accidents, any natural disaster, any war, any famine, any disease, any epidemic, any insanity, any mental abnormality, any physical pain or injury, any physical deformity, any physical limitation, any socially unacceptable condition, any injustice, any crime, any cruelty, any oppression, any evil, any fear, any guilt, any shame, and grief, and loneliness, any indecision, and hopelessness. All of these are transmuted the moment the human collective makes its last shift into 5D consciousness.

All of our diseased loved ones shall rejoin us once again in 5D. All animals whom we thought had gone extinct will resurface in 5D. All mystical creatures are awaiting our arrival in 5D.

It's not a physical place we're going to. It is a revolutionary shift in consciousness. The human race will be reborn into a new frequency that will allow you to dial into a new radio station and listen to new tunes.

This change begins with you. You who you are ready to expand your consciousness. Raise your awarenes, Think a different thought, feel a better feeling, and let go of all that does not honor earth, does not honor life, and does not honor the divine feminine.

The more you bring awareness into your life, the more you expand. The more you expand, the more you connect to the infinite, the fifth dimension.

Once you fully accept that everything comes from the infinite, you can begin to experience the wonder of it all. You become limitless.

The closer you align yourself with the fifth dimension, the higher your vibrational frequency will be. The vibration of the fifth dimension is love, peace, abundance, and unity.

The love of the fifth dimension is there for you, and you can access it any time.

It’s love without conditions, love without form, love without limits, and love without boundaries!

We love you dearly.

We are here with you.

We are your family of light.


Aurora Ray

Ambassador of the Galactic Federation

Channel by Aurora Ray

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