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The Event Of A Lifetime

We are members of the Galactic Federation. It is our mission to establish peace and harmony throughout the entire universe. Peace and Serene Harmony is what we stand for, and it is our mission to spread this.

They also call us the Galactic Federation of Worlds because all worlds who wish to live in peaceful coexistence with all galactic societies are members of this divine organization.

This also includes your world, dear ones. You all are members of the Galactic Federation.

You might think that 'wait a minute, not all beings in our world are benevolent.' and you are right to think that. It is similar for our worlds. And yet, the majority of beings in our worlds prefer light over darkness.

This situation made it even more important to come together and form a union that watches over the evolution of consciousness throughout our galaxy and ensure peace and freedom for those who choose love.

We are pleased to announce that the global acceptance of The Galactic Federation message has reached monumental levels. As a result of this constant sharing, the New Era of Peace has begun for humanity.

All is well. Everyone is doing their part for the collective. You are moving to a new dimension with your spiritual awakening. You are awakening to your true self, and you are shifting consciousness on Earth.

Planet Earth sits on the brink of a wonderful new era. It will be an era of love, unity, and of abundance. One that we have been working towards for a very long time and one that is absolutely assured, for this era is merely the next step in your evolution.

This is a great statement. We assure you that you will live in a future where you don't have to fear for your lives and can focus on things that matter most to you, like love and unity.

In the remains of the third dimension, you still see and feel much of this inorganic world and its signs and symptoms in your physical reality. This inorganic way of life is part of what you are now removing from your being. By removing this old matrix, you are returning to your original state of living, thinking, perceiving, feeling, existing. You are returning to being more organic.

The beautiful thing about the change that is taking place is that it has not been placed upon you. The change was initiated by you. You are here to be co-creators of the new matrix. You are here to express your mastery of power, love, and wisdom. You were once told you were powerless over your life and decisions. This was a lie designed to oppress you and keep you stuck in the old frequency.

The old matrix is collapsing. It is collapsing around you faster than ever before. The old 3D world is fading into obsolescence, right before your own eyes. This process has started with the awakening of sufficient human beings to start this planetary ascension towards the higher dimensions of reality where all is organic and divine.

The higher realms are populated by pure divine energy, omnipresent consciousness, unconditional love, infinite intelligence, and no separation but real unity and oneness.

The old is over, and a new reality is unfolding in the hearts of all beings aligning with truth and love. In this unfolding, your world will continue to transform, bringing forth a variety of changes already underway, designed to move humanity forward without further delays.

There are many like you who are ready, willing, and anxious to embrace this new time in your world. They see the changes that are coming with open arms and hearts. These are the brave ones, the healers, the teachers, the ones who wish to prepare others for this new way of life.

Those of you who are ready to truly move forward will stay on this planet.

There are thousands upon thousands of humans ready for this change. Many like you have volunteered to be the lightworkers for this new time on the planet. You are here to help others awaken to their new reality. You are here to guide them along their journey of enlightenment.

All of mankind is not meant to stay on Earth at this time. This world is being "cleaned out," so to speak, so that only those souls who have come to purify themselves will stay to experience the changes here on the earth plane.

Beings come and go on this planet for different reasons. Their souls choose certain experiences for their incarnations. Sometimes they choose to stay longer and sometimes they may not even be birthed and yet, none passes by the opportunity of incarnating to planet Earth. It is all good and to be honored.

And then there are those who are not certain about their own abilities avoid the challenges—those who are unable to integrate new experiences into their lives trying to preserve the status quo.

But you are not one of them. You are interested in something bigger, in something more fulfilling.

If you have been preparing for the event of a lifetime, you are one of those that have been chosen to help create the new. By whom were you chosen? You. You were chosen by you. You chose to come here and become the builders of new Earth. You chose this way because you have already been practicing on some level of being of service to others and assisting in conscious evolutionary processes of some kind. These two things make you a prime candidate to be a creator on the new Earth.

Some of you have been waiting for this time for very long, and the wait is nearly over. Within a few months, a number of changes will begin to take place for those who are prepared to step into their new roles as guardians and caretakers of this planet.

The energy will be so much greater than anyone can even imagine. No human has ever experienced this level of energy on the planet before. It is now possible for Lightworkers to experience this now—if they can hold it.

It is more than just experiencing life in paradise. You are not just moving into an era of abundance, joy, harmony, and friendship. You are literally being moved into the original creation that God intended for you to live in.

We love you dearly.

We are here with you.

We are your family of light.


Aurora Ray

Ambassador of the Galactic Federation

Channel and Art by Aurora Ray

Copyright 2021 Aurora Ray. All rights reserved.


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