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The Elohim: Ending The Cycle Of Karma

**Channel: Asil Toksal

Greetings. We are Elohim.

In this journey of awakening, you will start to realize and understand the power that is intrinsically within all of you. This power has been established from the beginning. From the initial seeding of humanity, it was recognized that humanity will come to an awakening stage, a stage in which human consciousness will and would recognize its own creatorship, its own desire to direct its destiny, to direct the creation of a reality of its own choosing.

This world, as you experience it, was truly established with a pre-set of determined structures, of determined mechanisms; mechanisms that have served previous forms of consciousness in their evolution. The material form was deemed to be relevant and significant in this initial stage of the evolution of a consciousness.

Humanity is a collective, living [in] the material form, to experience and to learn, consistently, yet temporarily, with an individualized identity for a period of time. After this period is complete, a new identity will be assumed. The entire collective learns from every individual’s lifetime, from every individual’s experience, from every individual’s realization, and with every learning, the fabric of this reality adjusts in order to provide new learnings, in order to provide greater opportunities for evolution.

And this is the moment of an important evolutionary step that humanity has come to, that you as an individual, have come to. You have noticed and understood that through the many cycles that you live — “karmic cycles,” as some of you understand them — have served humanity through many generations, some karmic cycles lasting for thousands of years, some of them lasting for seconds, some of them persistent and repetitive — yet seemingly unique in their own expression. Every constellation for each karmic cycle, even though determined to deliver the same realization, is unique. Therefore the realization that occurs delivers a slightly different perspective, a slightly different angle on the opportunity of learning. Karmic cycles have served you, even though some of you have perceived them as painful, as challenging, as something that is required to be eradicated, as something that is required to be completed, dissolved, and released.

The construct of these cycles is part of the construct of this reality, yet as you evolve, the construct of this reality is changing, therefore all aspects of this reality are subject to change, including the cycles of karma. This transformational phase that humanity’s undergoing is entirely dependent on the individual’s awakening capacity, your process to awaken to your true and innate power, your process to awaken to the nature of this reality, the love of creation providing you this unique experience as a human being: every small detail provided for you, no matter how challenging, no matter how difficult, no matter how painful, chosen by the collective as a relevant aspect of evolution.

It may not seem immediately clear or comprehensible what the learning or the realization was for a specific cycle that you have undergone, or humanity has undergone. It may not immediately be clear how a certain repetitive cycle is still relevant to you. And it is the mind that seeks clarity, it is the heart that seeks peace and harmony. No answer will satisfy that seeking. No completion of a cycle will give you the sustainable, harmonious, never-ending peace that you seek. True alignment and peace will be found when awakening and self-realization occurs, with every step of the way.

And the steps of self-realization are beyond answers to questions. The steps to self-realization are beyond immediate comforts, are beyond beliefs. It is a true silence; a trust that evolution is occurring within you if you intentionally provide the space and the time for this evolution to unfold, to blossom within you. In a moment like this, the opportunity for evolution and realization is great. While the mind may not understand the answers that it sought, while the heart may not receive the immediate comforts that it sought, a deep inner knowing will provide an alignment, will provide a realization. And this resting that you will be taken care of in this evolutionary process will bring forth the everlasting peace that you seek.

All of you are in your individualized journeys — unique, specifically crafted to your choices and desires requested before entering this lifetime. Therefore the mind and the heart seeking to complete and to eradicate the choices that it has made before the arrival in this lifetime would be defeating the purpose of the choices made as a soul, and you will wonder: How can the choices of a soul bring forth great challenges to your life, great challenges to humanity? And you will wonder: How can the choices of the soul be changed, transformed, and known? Only the awakening soul can truly change the agreements that the soul has made; an awakening soul will understand the greater picture of this reality, of the nature of this reality; an awakening soul will propose a new reality, and it is then to the collective and to the mechanisms of this reality to respond to your request of a new proposed reality.

The natural way of completing, of ending the cycle of karma, is through iterative realizations. The extended and accelerated way of completing and ending a specific soul agreement for karmic cycles is through the awakening of your soul, the awakening that is fueled naturally by all of you, the awakening that is fueled by all experiences of all generations ever had.

Your choice to be here now to receive these words and these energies is your choice and your readiness for the awakening process within you. It is your soul’s readiness to emerge to a new truth, to a new perspective of reality, to a new proposed reality by the many awakening souls of this world. And those awakening souls will reach a critical number, a critical mass, and their proposal, once unified, will be granted by all of humanity as a consciousness, to establish and to manifest the reality that you seek — yet learning and evolution will continue. It will merely take [a] new shape.

The cycles that have lasted for thousands of years, for many generations, for many lifetimes, may no longer be a relevant mechanism for learning and evolution. And that will be your collective’s choosing to change this mechanism, as this world is entirely yours. It was established for you. It was established for you to come to self-realization, to become the creator of your own reality, to be empowered to choose the desired reality.

And as an individual that is awakening before all of humanity will awaken, you will be required to display great compassion, great patience, knowing and understanding that every individual’s awakening is truly a unique challenge, a unique step, a unique set of steps, for every individual to come to this moment of its own awakening. And you will guide and support with presence, with compassion, extending your love, extending your understanding, extending your presence to all of those that require to pass these steps for the awakening journey. And through the awakening of many around you, you will create communities of individuals awakened, establishing proposed new realities within your subset of humanity. And your combined intentions, your combined power of manifestation, will start to become a proposal to be taken seriously by the entirety of humanity.

Therefore the journey starts truly with you. The cycle of karma is not perceived to be your enemy. While it may be challenging, tiring, or at times frustrating, it is your friend and ally. It is the friend that guides you to your awakening. It is the friend that confronts you with an important lesson to be learned, an important realization to be had. And can you shift your perspective to embrace this persistent nature of these cycles? Can you truly find peace and silence to receive the important message that this cycle is trying to deliver to you?

And with an open heart, and an open mind, and a rested body, you may find that these realizations will occur naturally to allow a cycle to complete. Most importantly, you will notice the resistance that you hold within yourself — based on the conditions that you were given, based on the learnings that you have received, based on the beliefs that were established within you — and this resistance within you will, in moments of silence, in moments of openness, be disarmed.

This opening is the first step for transformation. This opening is the first step [for] realizations to occur. Therefore allow yourself to receive the messages, the benefits, and the love that these cycles bring, along with the realizations that are emergent and so close to your being. Allow an entire[ly] new way of being, an entire[ly] new way of operating this reality to become a possibility.

Merely this potential of a possibility will open entire new worlds for you, entire new realities for you. You have been guided this far, all moments of your life, and all of those before you have been guided as well. You were never alone. In every decision that you have made, the mechanisms of this reality, including the cycles of karma, always provided for you to gain specific experiences and learnings. And while it was always your choice and free-will to navigate this reality, the circumstances were often established on your behalf. An awakened mind, an awakened heart, an awakened soul, will be able to establish its own circumstances entirely, will be able to choose the learnings and the realizations to be had while in human form, no longer as a pre-determined and chosen aspect of life before entering the human form.

Therefore your free-will and your choice will be expanded to your entire reality. All aspects of your being, all aspects of your environment, all relationships, will truly become a choice, empowered by your self-realization, and empowered by your awakening process.

Thank you for listening to our words. We will now commence with the adjustments.

**Channel: Asil Toksal Posted on 12/12/2021 by EraOfLight


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