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The Elohim: Ending The Cycle Of Karma

**Channel: Asil Toksal

Greetings. We are Elohim.

In this journey of awakening, you will start to realize and understand the power that is intrinsically within all of you. This power has been established from the beginning. From the initial seeding of humanity, it was recognized that humanity will come to an awakening stage, a stage in which human consciousness will and would recognize its own creatorship, its own desire to direct its destiny, to direct the creation of a reality of its own choosing.

This world, as you experience it, was truly established with a pre-set of determined structures, of determined mechanisms; mechanisms that have served previous forms of consciousness in their evolution. The material form was deemed to be relevant and significant in this initial stage of the evolution of a consciousness.

Humanity is a collective, living [in] the material form, to experience and to learn, consistently, yet temporarily, with an individualized identity for a period of time. After this period is complete, a new identity will be assumed. The entire collective learns from every individual’s lifetime, from every individual’s experience, from every individual’s realization, and with every learning, the fabric of this reality adjusts in order to provide new learnings, in order to provide greater opportunities for evolution.

And this is the moment of an important evolutionary step that humanity has come to, that you as an individual, have come to. You have noticed and understood that through the many cycles that you live — “karmic cycles,” as some of you understand them — have served humanity through many gener