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Humans reading. Take heed. For all is about to change. I Elthor am speaking. One cannot unsee what they have seen. One cannot unlearn what they have learned unless they have forgotten. All is in process of being remembered and revealed. You have heard numerous messages. You have read, you have studied. You have listened with great tenderness to the inner whisperings of the human heart. And what have you seen? What have you learned? Felt? What you are bringing to the table now is different than a month ago or a few months ago, is it not? Human, you are growing. That which resonated with you previously may not resonate with you now. That is good. You are developing further into your higher intuition, your higher self is more fully integrated. And so you will resonate more completely with the higher self dimensional vortex frequency that your cells are now vibrating with more alacrity. Human. Clarity is what is needed now on your world. You light workers, star seeds, you ascended masters in form, are bring this when you hold the light of the inner calling and keep to your truth when you speak your truth with great love, tenderness and care and when you simply be. Your inner fire is lighting up the darkness and it is fleeing into the nothingness where it will be transmuted. We are dealing with the dark ones. We dragons enjoy the hunt, we enjoy justice and removal of the dark. Plus, they are delicious snacks for us. We transmute them with our fire. I Elthor am speaking. Human, for too long has humanity been afraid of their own shadow of their own collective consciousness creation which the dark ones would consume. You will see all of the ways that society has been used against you, against humanity. It has furthered this awakening process. Anger does not serve you. Standing firm in your own light and fire of truth does serve you and it blesses the collective consciousness of humanity. We dragons have a collective consciousness as well. When a dragon goes dark all feel it. We have been battling with the descended dragons and many have come to the light, that aspect of experience being completed. It is good. Our ascended dragon collective has grown in number and in wisdom. For the changed ones bring information, perspective and renewed fire to further their own advancement into the ascended zones which benefits the all. I Elthor am speaking. Little human what do you see? (I am being shown a red planet full of smoke and fire. All is obliterated). You are seeing our old world shell, human, after the great battle between dragons over astral realms and territories. For we were divided over soul purpose and desire of experience and much happened here. We grew from this, human. You too will grow from this. Not that you will have the same experience of total loss of world that we did. Now what do you see? (I see the neon bright dragon world that they inhabit now with towering cliffs and waterfalls, full of bright light, crystals, fairies and energies that are so high they pulse. The ringing in my ears is intense. There are many juvenile dragons here, happy, bright, it is a dragon paradise). Yes. Those dragons that chose to ascend chose this experience and we continue to work with the high vibrational energies here. Your New Earth will be of your own creation, of your own ascended human harmonics and templates and you will cocreate this. Do not focus on the presented narrative. It is of the old way. Listen to the higher dimensional whisperings that you can no longer escape for when you are vibrating in an ascended form you are one with these energies. Your world will not come to the brink of extinction as ours did. Those that ‘won’ our world were left with the lower vibrational realm of no food, competition, pain, and grief, grief of what was lost there. For i