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About the Declaration of Sexual Independence:


Everyone in the world today wants freedom. In America, a land founded on the ideal, we take freedom for granted — we assume it & expect it. Freedom is our birthright.

Yet what would you say if you learned that you are not as free as you think? Worse, what if you learned that you are a slave to your own mind — to your fears, doubts, weaknesses, and self-judgments? And what if society, all enslaved to the same thinking, evolved customs over time — socially accepted behavior — passed from parent to child, teacher to student, preacher to follower, that only solidify your chains of bondage? Would you want to be free?

When you have questions, problems, or issues in your sex life, are you uncomfortable sharing them with your doctor, counselor, or friends? Are you uneasy teaching or talking with your children about sex? When you have sexual desires, do you feel free to express them, act on them, and fully enjoy them? Or do you fear what others might say — even your own lover? Or doubt how your desire will be received, or judge it as good or bad? If these, or experiences like them, are true for you, then you are bound by sexual programming.

Does it matter? You live your life with a relative degree of freedom and a relative degree of happiness. You get by. You're a simple guy or gal who isn't into proclamations & declarations. They're over your head. You just want to live your life as you choose. And that's exactly the point — that's the foundation of freedom. Everyone wants and deserves it. When it's taken from you, someone's always there looking over your shoulder, telling you what you can & can't, or should & shouldn't do. And the most insidious loss of freedom is when that 'someone' is not a person or persons, but rather a vague, pervasive social conditioning we don't even realize is there.

Before the American Declaration of Independence, people toiled in the small personal freedoms of daily life, often oblivious to the political enslavement constraining them. History records that as few as 15% of the colonists supported freedom when it was proposed. Yet what American today fails to see the value in that freedom, would give it up, or can even fathom life without it? And where would America and the world be without the enormous progress it has brought about?

Today we are in exactly the same position as the America of 1776. We are on the threshold of a new freedom, a freedom far greater than political freedom. We are awakening to freedom of the mind.

The Declaration of Sexual Independence is not about sex itself; rather it's about the false moralism that shapes our attitudes toward it, and related social customs that dictate behavior around it. On a broader level, they shape our perception of desire in general — the very thing that inspires all progress in life. These mental constructs govern society far more powerfully than any political control, for they unconsciously rule our every thought. If we are to be truly free as a people, we must free ourselves from this social programming.

False moralism depicts sex at best as something to be kept private, non-discussed, and unexplored outside the basic realms of procreation and sensory pleasure, and at worst as dirty, pornographic, sinful, and evil. It creates highly repressive attitudes toward sex that discourage open learning, keeping it instead largely the domain of locker-room talk. This leaves society not only ignorant and uneducated about sex, but more important, prevents us from exploring the deeper meaning and higher practice of sexuality that transforms it into a tool for human growth. We miss the truth that sex can satisfy more than physical desire; it can open the heart to universal love, bring wholeness to life, and satisfy spiritual desire as well.

This same moralism depicts desire as something selfish and opposed to human spirit, to be held in check, shunned, or sacrificed. This again prevents us from exploring desire and discovering the truth about it, that desire for more & more ultimately leads us to desire that which is the most — our own spiritual fulfillment & wholeness.

In absence of this, society suffers a deep, fundamental incompleteness and emptiness, a futility about the human condition, driven by yearning for this most primal, powerful, and consummate desire. This void in the heart of man and woman leads to all conflict, anti-social behavior, war, and other effects that dehumanize life. It underlies all aspects of our social crisis. Our inability to throw out this human waste builds up in our bodies as our collective health crisis.

To fill this inexorable void, we busy ourselves with endless distractions, diversions, and work, to the extent that we are now a society addicted to sensory entertainment and escape. We avoid meaningful discussions of life to hide ignoring the desires fundamental to it, and our discontent with it. We do anything but address inner life, gossiping instead about outer. This has become our unconscious social code, the 'socially accepted behavior' that only reinforces moralism in a never-ending and downward-spiraling cycle.

These underlying moral and social codes are so subtly pervasive and embedded in society that we do not even see them — we accept life as we know it, with all its problems, weakness, and conflict, as 'normal', wholly unaware that those effects stem from this cause. But this is not the natural state of life, nor is moralism the natural mind of man. Mankind is born for judgment-free desire that satisfies our highest ideals of mind, body, AND spirit.

The present cycle of moralism, social repression, conflict, and more moralism cannot continue indefinitely, for it is a self-destructive cycle, an out-of-control cancer that ultimately kills its host. We must liberate ourselves from it before it kills us.

The Preamble to the Declaration of Sexual Independence discusses this situation in the context of current world events.

The Declaration of Sexual Independence, written on July 4, 2004, reminds us of the real government that enslaves us - the false moralistic conditioning of our own minds - and presents humanity with a proclamation of true freedom, beyond political freedom to that of humanity's inner spirit.

Like the American Revolution inspired by the document it is modelled after, the Declaration of Sexual Independence has power to spark a more far-reaching transformation of life — a Sacred Sexual Revolution ushering in Utopia based on our freely realized unlimited potential.

And realize it or not, like the early patriots, we are the hope for this freedom. When you came to this website, you were likely brought by desire. Maybe you want better sex, or something more from sex, or maybe you're just curious. Whatever the desire, you're exercising your freedom to pursue it. But what if you didn't have that freedom? What if you were prohibited from learning sacred sex — whether by law or social censure? Would you desire your freedom?

There are laws today that prohibit certain methods of teaching sacred sex. And there are certainly societal attitudes toward sex that inhibit open discussion and widespread acceptance of it. Generations from now, when such restrictions on freedom are long gone, and society flourishes in unbridled human spirit on account of it, people like you will look back and wonder how we ever allowed such bondage.

When you read the Declaration of Sexual Independence, maybe its meaning & significance will fly over your head. Maybe you'll skip to the fun & simple sacred sex lessons elsewhere on the site. But centuries from now, history will look back on the Sacred Sex Revolution, and view you as a pioneer of the greatest human freedom ever won.

Please visit the SOCIETY FOR SACRED SEXUALITY website to learn more:

CREDITS: Society for Sacred Sexuality


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