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About the Declaration of Sexual Independence:


Everyone in the world today wants freedom. In America, a land founded on the ideal, we take freedom for granted — we assume it & expect it. Freedom is our birthright.

Yet what would you say if you learned that you are not as free as you think? Worse, what if you learned that you are a slave to your own mind — to your fears, doubts, weaknesses, and self-judgments? And what if society, all enslaved to the same thinking, evolved customs over time — socially accepted behavior — passed from parent to child, teacher to student, preacher to follower, that only solidify your chains of bondage? Would you want to be free?

When you have questions, problems, or issues in your sex life, are you uncomfortable sharing them with your doctor, counselor, or friends? Are you uneasy teaching or talking with your children about sex? When you have sexual desires, do you feel free to express them, act on them, and fully enjoy them? Or do you fear what others might say — even your own lover? Or doubt how your desire will be received, or judge it as good or bad? If these, or experiences like them, are true for you, then you are bound by sexual programming.

Does it matter? You live your life with a relative degree of freedom and a relative degree of happiness. You get by. You're a simple guy or gal who isn't into proclamations & declarations. They're over your head. You just want to live your life as you choose. And that's exactly the point — that's the foundation of freedom. Everyone wants and deserves it. When it's taken from you, someone's always there looking over your shoulder, telling you what you can & can't, or should & shouldn't do. And the most insidious loss of freedom is when that 'someone' is not a person or persons, but rather a vague, pervasive social conditioning we don't even realize is there.