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Sophia calls to the bridge we are all offered...and she will continue to be persistent with each passing day. No one is left behind.

If you go willingly and take her will find her to be compassionate and tender as she guides you like a midwife through the channel of re-birth. She will not leave or abandon you as you transform in this world to become a more powerful woman and man...though initially vulnerable as a newborn lamb.

The call of the goddess is the call to consciousness...back to where we came from. She will come through you and change you...and open you up to express the multi faces of the it maiden...mother or mad cackling crone with the gift of alchemy.

The goddess arrives gently through our sorrow and our pain if she must. And as we kick...scream and lash against change...the goddess gets ready to step in and help us abandon what we think we need...but in reality is toxic to our spirit.

The mother's embrace is for us to be forgiving ourselves. And if she has to...embrace us in our tears as she walks us along in her embrace...carrying us herself...if she must.

It is a gift to be called...and a gift to be One.


~ Teia Tephi Magdalena

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