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The Awakened Man

The Awakened Man has faced his deepest shadows, healed his shame, guilt, competition, and violence. He is responsible for his distorted perceptions.

He is a warrior of truth who has mastered his sexual desires and learned to harness the raw energy of his urges to use as rejuvenation.

The Sacred Masculine knows both his light and his darkness. He finds compassion within his heart for his Soul’s journey and recovers the gifts of his shadow.

His discovery comes through the absolute respect for himself and for another. He honors his body temple and his sexual connections are a ceremony of Union.

An evolved man is the reflection of love through his awareness and gentle essence.

His solace comes through being one with earth’s nature. An awakened man is balanced in harmony with his masculine strength and feminine, intuitive softness. He is deeply connected to the love within his heart.


Blessing you ...

Being the king, the lover, the shaman, the warrior and embracing all this aspects of yourself.

Being Present, holding space for the feminine energy to dance in. Building the temple for his feminine counterpart, his Queen to create & flow in simultaneously with him there by her side.