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The 144,000

By: Grace Solaris

The 144000 is the monadic frequency of the Elohim, angelic co-creators of the highest order, pure source energy, which is the trajetory and bandwidth of the new earth timeline reality. To embody this vibration you need to be ready to step fully into divine sovereignty as the I Am that I Am and completing the inner heiros gamos, the balancing and unification of the divine feminine and masculine within and integrating your human as well as major higher dimensional aspects of light. It is what you came here for, to give birth to the new Eden heaven on earth from the "ground"... first from within self and thereafter the next phase of creating Eden on the external will begin, which is done in alliance with your soul monad and sacred counterpart. The one man show is over. No one will act alone but as ALL-ONE. Those that have contracted on acting as an anchors for this new earth consciousness thru divine union with their divine counterpart, will form divine unionships as divine consorts to fullfil this promise, which is part of their monadic purpose and plan. This however needs the coming together and merging of the Beloveds and major higher dimensional soul monad higher aspects to be embodied.

This is a time of the great convergence of soul monad chards as many souls of those destined to serve and anchor in unity consciousness will serve together as congruent harmonious anchors in sacred unionship for the new earth universal love template and divine unity. Your beloved might be your original twin essence counterpart or any other that are embodying divine union and his/her twin essence, but will most probably be part of your soul monad (oversoul) or your soul group as you share a common purpose and plan. The coming together with your twin is not the main purpose in itself, but the common plan and purpose you fulfill as divine counterparts, as the unique keys and codes that you embody are paramount for the anchoring in of divine union. However not all twins are forming sacred couples. In some cases one of the two is serving from higher dimensional planes, while the other is in the physical, this doesn´t make it less powerful. However as soon as you have integrated higher dimensional aspects and achieved divine union within, and as a consequence has given birth to your inner twin, you can unite and form a relationship as anchors for divine union with any one, who has done the same, that "other" as already mentioned, will most certainly be part of your soul monad.

Many of those that have signed up as anchors for the new earth template of divine unity in sacred union with their divine consort increasingly feel the magnetic pull or even the presence of their twin counterpart essence, which is expressed/held vibrationally in your soul monad. Those that have contracted to serve as anchors will feel a deep ancient calling... it is undeniable and is igniting the deep remembrance of the exact vibrational signature of your twin/monad counterpart, which you emit from your energyfield. It is a sacred numeric frequency code, that is unique and specific to each soul. It has reveberated since the beginning of your very origin as a soul. A calling that cannot be ignored.

Many of the souls that have parted thru this transitional ascension window to the new golden age during or before the plandemic, are now ready and preparing to return. There has been no accidents, no one had got taken by Ovid. All souls that have left had planned to do so in this manner as part of their soul growth and soul plan. There is a higher plan and purpose, that has been fulfilled. Many of these highly evolved souls, that had already awakened or partly awakened are ready to re-enter thru the shortcut of the walk-in process bringing in higher dimensional soul extensions of galactic or angelic origin or ascended master aspects as well as their twin essence signature, in other words they will come as a higher evolved consciousness aspects carrying the keys and codes of divine union and the template for the new earth of divine union and sacred relationships imprint.

You will know in your heart if you have signed up for this and will hear the calling sounding from within your heart. It´s time, it´s time. On this coming 09-09 cosmic portal, we will gather in the frequency bandwidth of the 140000 and emit our monadic and twin signature to signal and usher in our divine counterparts/divine consorts beloveds to facilitate a safe gateway and connect on an energetical level and open ourself to receive their keys and co