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Testimonial~The Proof of Mother God

By: Gwen Kaiser

Over the years I have experienced many instances of things that Mother God has said or done that have later manifested in my life. Things seem to happen in the ethers first, and then later, on our Earth plane. People always want “proof,” and I believe this post comes as close as it gets to providing that.

A couple of years ago, in 2018, I witnessed three separate instances of this Phenomena occurring. I excitedly informed the Mother God “team” of my research findings and Archeia Faith asked me to write a post on it. Well, I never did and in 2019 the snakes started appearing. (One of the topics I intended to write about involved a snake.) After Garter snakes began popping up everywhere all around me, the last straw was when one came into my house. It slithered up the rabbit pen and sat on top of the cage, like basking, in the middle of my living room. Even though I love all creatures, snakes are certainly not my favorite and I had to have someone come and remove it. I swore to God, please don’t send any more snakes, I promise will write the post! And since then, no more snakes appeared in my life. And I wrote the post. Here it is:

In the fall of 2018, I was watching Mother God’s team during their Live Stream on It was mentioned that “Mom” had found the ego and it was actually a snake living in the stomach of every human. Ewwwww, gross. Apparently we Humans only see 3% of our world, so that means 97% of our surroundings are actually invisible to us. So, it totally makes sense as to whey we never actually saw this nasty snake within us… It brought me right back to Neo in the Matrix where Trinity pulled that thing out of his belly. Mom says that ego stands for “edging God out,” and it’s an artificial construct that has been implanted into every Human. Mom found that there were two offshoots of the Ego: the Spiritual Ego and the Super Ego. On October 25, 2018, I was watching the live stream as per usual when Archeia Hope informed us that Mom had finally killed the Super Ego Snake. I know from watching prior streams that Mom had battled it at least once before, so it’s death was a BIG DEAL. I was psyched!

It was one week later–on Halloween of all days–that a snake slithered out of the Wailing Wall in Israel. Just Google that and plenty of articles will pop up on the Wailing Wall snake. There is no such thing as coincidence. You can view the video for yourself on the “LoveHasWon” YouTube channel. Scroll through the old videos... It’s the one titled “Ascension Button Has Been PUSHED!” posted on 10/25/18. Fast forward to the marker 2:23:00 and Archeia Hope will describe how Mom killed the Super Ego Snake. Archeia Hope goes into more elaborate and celebratory detail on the following day’s stream, published on 10/26/18, titled ”Surprise!” at the marker 3:44.

It was not too long after this that I was watching the live stream and it was announced by the team that Mom had finally released the Red Dragon... Mom has made mention of the Red Dragon many times before, but this was the first time she was “releasing” it. Whoa. I knew this was big news. Now mind you for the life of me I can’t find the live stream video where this was announced anywhere! I have listened to about 100 hours of footage in an effort to find the exact spot, but have been unsuccessful. I did find mention of the Red Dragon by Archeia Hope though, and it’s located on the video titled “Father of Creation Returns” published on 11/21/18 at the 40:30 marker. She says, “…that’s where Mom’s Red Dragon energy comes in...”

One of the channels I like to watch on YouTube is called “Rap the News.” He’s a little wacky but sometimes he hits the nail on the head. Like on 11/29/18, when he uploaded a video titled “The Red Dragon is Here!!!” An amateur astronomer had filmed a dragon-like celestial thingy entering our atmosphere and Rap the News proclaimed its entry into our orbit as the Red Dragon written about in the Book of Revelation. Remember… no such thing as coincidence!

Shortly thereafter, I was watching the live stream again and it was announced that Mom had contracted billions of extra angels, in addition to the countless angels all ready on the planet, to come assist Earth even further... but once again I can’t find that video anywhere. Thankfully, on the Thanksgiving Day live stream, Buddha gave me something else to be grateful for when he repeated the announcement. The video where he mentions this is “Flip Flopping Away” posted on 11/22/18, at the 27:27 marker. Buddha says, “Mama has contracted even more angels, I want to say it’s a billion more or something like that, to come into the…” I just thought to myself, cool, this is good news, we could always use a few more angels down here in the swamp and thought nothing more of it.

That is until I was watching “Rap the News” again on 12/4/18, when he published a video titled “Billions of Angels on Their Way.” What?! Stop! In it, he analyzed the footage of UFO-ologist Gina Maria Colvin Hill and found that she had captured on film, countless angels flying into Earth’s orbit. That’s just downright mind blowing stuff right there. You see, like I said, Mom (God, Source, Creator) does it first and then it manifests on the Earth plane!

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