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Testimonial~Mother God Changed My Life

By: Kelsey Bone

These past two days have shown me ALOT about myself & everyone around me. My soul has evolved so drastically in a short period of time that if I don't take a minute to ground myself & take a couple deep breaths, bring myself back into the present moment... i think I would be suffering some real intense anixety attacks! I'm honestly shocked that I’ve managed to walk myself through the hardest part of these energetic shift because I feel that by me riding this out is an end of a cycle.. This has left me with a whole new perspective that is now aligning with my higher self.

I grew up with drug/alcoholic parents who I didn't get much guidance from. The relationship with my earth mother wasn’t one of love & very toxic. She broke me before I was old enough to break myself. I went through a lot of abuse, mentally & physically. A memory that always comes up for me is when I was 6 or 7, I knew my mom n dad were up to something and it was bedtime but I was trying to fight my sleep. Sleep won, but when I woke up it was obviously like past midnight and I remember like running from room to room looking for my mom n dad crying. I couldn't find them but I guess I knew my granny's phone number and I called her and she came n got me.

But apparently this was something she always did, I just wasn’t aware. My granny told me that when I was a b