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Testimonial~Etheric Surgery

By: Matt Broster

Wow - this was my first 'Etheric Surgery' and my experience was profound. From day 1 to day 5 - I had many trance like states where I wrote epic scripts for meditations, books, posts, and even epic visions about doing TikTok videos and what to do (after months of procrastinating and circulation of mundane based ideas).

Long story short is that the spark I always knew I had with creative writing, videos, talking and in general - bursting out healing energies to the world had gone a little stagnant. That being said, I am now reigniting my limitless fire and my flaming passion, knowing ideas and colorful creativity are here to stay and there is no roof.

For anyone wondering where to give 'etheric surgery' a go - just feel your soul give you the nod - that perhaps now is the time to really begin to shine.

Much love,

Matt Broster from Australia

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