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Testimonial: Etheric Surgeries and Plasma Elixirs

By: Heather Hendricks

Before I found the 5D Full Disclosure and First Contact Groundcrew Team, I asked my angels to help me grow and heal everything from this lifetime, and others. I promised myself and the angels that I would be open minded. When suggestions came my way from the team, I paid close attention to what they were. I asked questions and genuinely was open to trying anything that would help me. Who was I to judge these things when I am the one who just asked the angels for help! I started off by trying Copper, Silver, and Gold plasma elixirs. Before I would take a drop of each one, I set the intention for healing. Whatever that may look like and feel like, I will heal.

I felt so much lighter, happier, and optimistic about the world. When I would get upset about something the anger wasn’t as intense, and that energy didn’t stay in my body for as long. I started using breathing techniques to get the density out when I felt it bubbling up from inside me. I knew they were working and I was almost to the end of the bottles, so I ordered more. I wanted to get all of them, and my ego suggested that I shouldn’t be spending money when I am trying to save and move. I hushed that voice because I knew they were working and I was not about to let anything stop me. I knew that I had the option to work overtime to cover the cost so that’s what it did. I worked every single day for a month and a half, and then 6 days a week for 2 more weeks. I reached my goal, moved out, and I was healing through that process! I am so grateful for these, they’re literally magic. Plasma healing in a bottle. I have all of them now, and they are one of the tools that I use now the elevate my existence.

When I got about halfway through my first elixirs, I was seeing messages all over telegram to schedule an etheric surgery. I had no idea what it was, but I wanted to find out. Again, my ego protested and tried its hardest to keep me from doing it. So again, with the experience of trying the elixirs and loving them, I hushed that nonsense and got it done. I am SO glad I did! I am learning to love these moments where I get to prove my ego wrong. The surgery was so soothing, getting one on one time with on of the team members, while Mother God is working on me in the etheric realm. I had an incredible conversation with Bobby and when we hung up from our skype call, I let out a big squeal of happiness and danced around my room. I left my ego judging me for being like a child, and I was like “get used to it buddy, it’s only going to get more uncomfortable for you”. I am strong willed and determined, if you haven’t noticed 😊. I rode a wave of love for DAYS after that surgery. Then about 5 months later, I felt it was time for another one. This time I got an add-on my Earth mom, and her dog. I knew what the session did for me, and I wanted to gift that to them. My mom seems so much happier and lighter. She of course doesn’t know that the surgery happened, but I can feel the difference in her energy. It used to make me cringe to be around, she is very chaotic. But now, its not as challenging to be around her energy. I never expected anything, just prayed for the highest outcome for them both, as well as for myself.

With newfound love for myself, Mom, and humanity,

Heather Hendricks


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