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Testimonial: Etheric Surgeries and Plasma Elixirs

By: Heather Hendricks

Before I found the 5D Full Disclosure and First Contact Groundcrew Team, I asked my angels to help me grow and heal everything from this lifetime, and others. I promised myself and the angels that I would be open minded. When suggestions came my way from the team, I paid close attention to what they were. I asked questions and genuinely was open to trying anything that would help me. Who was I to judge these things when I am the one who just asked the angels for help! I started off by trying Copper, Silver, and Gold plasma elixirs. Before I would take a drop of each one, I set the intention for healing. Whatever that may look like and feel like, I will heal.

I felt so much lighter, happier, and optimistic about the world. When I would get upset about something the anger wasn’t as intense, and that energy didn’t stay in my body for as long. I started using breathing techniques to get the density out when I felt it bubbling up from inside me. I knew they were working and I was almost to the end of the bottles, so I ordered more. I wanted to get all of them, and my ego suggested that I shouldn’t be spending money when I am trying to save and move. I hushed that voice because I knew they were working and I was not about to let anything stop me. I knew that I had the option to work overtime to cover the cost so th