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I had my first etheric surgery in April, and my second one yesterday. After the 1st one, I also did the raw garlic cleanse. I felt lighter and like existing got so much easier. When negative emotions came up, I was able to process them and transform them so much quicker than I could before the surgery. The garlic cleanse helped rid my body of physical toxins and to decalcify my pineal gland. I fought the idea of getting a session done at first because my EGO programming told me my 3rd eye was already open, and I was already awake. But thats just it, the EGO will do anything to stay in control, while making you think you don't have that programing, or that its not as bad as others' programming.

I cannot recommend enough, booking an etheric surgery. My coworkers, family, and friends shared with me after the 1st session how I seemed happier, in a good mood more often, joyful and excited about life, and that I just seemed like I was happy. And all of those observations were spot on, that is how I felt and still feel!

~ Rainbow Rabbit

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