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Telegram Testimonials

"I just wanna say I love you guys and I appreciate y’all so much! Thanks for being my family." ~ Mary "I've seen your comments too in these chats. Just want to say, you made me laugh after a bad day, one time. You are wonderful. Thank you for being so nice and funny. 🌵🌺🌵🌺🌵 Everyone here is so wonderful." ~ Andrea "One of my favorite channels!! Keep up the great work!!!🇺🇸♥️🦅" ~ Sara C. "This channel is a blessing, people should understand the mission and come along, I've always found truth and love here. Thank you 5D FD 17 team for you amazing work." ~J W "I love your channel, Thank You for all you do ✨😊💛💫" ~ Annie "Because of THIS channel, at 54, I began the journey of EXPANDING my "force-fed" Christian beliefs. Now, I'm reading two books concurrently: One on Secret Teachings of All Mankind, and one on St. Germain and the Ascended Masters. I was BORN ASS first, WITH a foot in my mouth, (literally), and I always was some semblance of 'awake' to the sideshow that has been our world. I THANK Y'ALL at 5D for helping ME expand MY thinking, and I'm passing on the wealth every single chance I get. MUCH love to Y'ALL, and deep respect!!!" ~ Ash "Love it ! Keep up the great work, Truth is all empowering!! TY !!!" ~ Brian "I love love love your channel....thank you!!!" ~ Carol "I definitely have to give you guy soild props that you answer a shit-ton of comments and questions from your subscribers. 👍🏻👊🏻 (obviously in addition to your great content... Except for forwards from Whiplash, that guy can suck a D) 😝" ~ John G. "You ALL are loved and appreciated more than you’ll ever know 🙏🏼 your current work for humanity is one of the most important pieces to this “puzzle”!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart & our entire soul tribe 😉 🐸 😘" ~ Hulk "I dont think there is enough character allowance in a message for me to be able to give a testimony! Let's just say my dry bones have been given a breath of life and I am no longer in a slumber. My veil has been removed." ~ Nicki "From what I understand, this is Gaia / Mother God's latest incarnation. She has a potty mouth, laugh and screams a lot. I've had a hard time taking this seriously. Mostly because the lovely people behind this channel are all batshit crazy (I mean that in the best of ways, I love crazy PEOPLE ❤️). But I have to say that the more I learn the more they make sense. Everyone around me thinks I'm crazy so maybe it's just us crazy people building our own echo chamber so we can reassure ourselves. #IDK 🤷‍♂️" ~ Fred "Love this channel. Appreciate every one of you ! Only respect for your work !" ~ Tamaria


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