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By: Ramona Lappin

Trust the sacred Transformation unfolding. All that is required is being present in this Sacred NOW, all-ways NOW, where all shall be revealed in perfect Alignment. Embracing the uncertainty with child like wonder. Fully rooted and present in the NOW moment and all that presents itself, not judging anything as good or bad.

FULLy SURRENDERing to the flow of life and the Divine, becoming Divine Will embodied. Letting your Higher Self and Source take over the reigns as you integrate and alchemise your ego's fear, worries, desires and demands now. FULLy TRUSTing the flow and Divinity of life. Why are we seeking something outside of us that has been within us all along? Because we have forgotten.. Now we deepen into the Trust that the Universe, which is us, always has our back, even if sometimes that doesn't seem to be the case. Yet all is all-ways ultimately conspiring in our favour, even if the opposite seems to be true. That's because we look at things often from a place of good or bad, right and wrong, yet in the end all is all-ways serving us and has been co-created by the ONE, by us. Understanding now that ultimately misery and wonder are all created from within, and so are our treasures!!

So now we TRUST in OUR OWN INNER KNOWING and that we are all-ways supported by God. That all our treasures will be revealed in Divine Timing and Alignment.. For now we rest and relax fully into the knowing that all is coming together now. Counting our blessings, deepening into Gratitude for all that has been, is now and will be, this is part of our true nature. Relax into the splendor, the riches, the Omniverse and all that you are which is everything! All right there inside of you. ALL-WAYS HERE NOW. Surrendering to the Divine Plan unfolding, of which we are all Co-creators of! So trusting the Divine is like trusting ourselves which isn't easy taken the many challenges, tests, initiations and disappointments we all had to live through.

Yet our PRESERVERANCE and deep inner KNOWing, INTUITION, WISDOM and GUIDANCE kept us walking this treacherous path. It will lead us to the treasure's we've been seeking. There all along, lying inside of us. Waiting to be rediscovered and reclaimed..

The road less traveled.. yet it leads to the Heaven on Earth that we came to reclaim, resurrect and Re-birth, because it's the true reflection of who we are NOW!! Remembering the vast abundance and prosperity and treasure lying there right inside of us. A sea of Divinity that can not be bought by money or riches, nor taken from us through threat's or coercion. No matter what it costs us we kept going, kept following the inner whispers that defied all logic, al