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Supreme Creator of All That Is.

June 11, 2021 By: Mike Quinsey

The hopes and wishes of the people are gathering force and must eventually bring about changes that are long overdue. It features the removal of those in power who do not carry the best interests of the people, and it is sad for us to see that the only way you can achieve your freedom is through the use of force.

The will is there to succeed but until your efforts are drawn together, they cannot fully benefit from the potential power that they have. Thought alone is powerful and all of the time people are projecting them they become a collective that will have the power to materialise them. So never assume that your positive thoughts are a waste of time, as certainly every little helps and remains in the ethers waiting to be used.

Bear in mind that where you lay your power, through the Law of Attraction it will become stronger and eventually manifest whatever it was you desired. This also applies to you as individuals and what you wish for yourself, so be realistic and unless you have incurred karma through earlier actions or deeds that prevents it, there is no reason why you should not be successful. We have advised you many times to be careful with what you wish for yourself or others, and to ensure they are always positive.

Slowly but surely Covid19 is coming under control, but it will always be hovering around in the background. By such times it is to be hoped that the prospects of its return are minimal and of no greater concern than your common cold. As you grow up you develop immunity to common illnesses that usually come and go with very little lasting effect. Keeping yourself healthy and eating the right foods is essential if you want your immunity system to be strong.

Eat plenty of fresh foods avoiding as far as possible all those that are processed. Cut down on sugary foods and if you need a sweetener honey is the best healthy alternative, A lot of this is plain good common sense, and avoid as far as possible fried foods and dairy produce. It is a formidable list but if you can at least moderate your intake of such foods, your health will benefit. Vegans and Vegetarians are clearly on the right track, and any changes made to reduce the intake of low vibration foods will enhance your health and result in fewer problems.

The young children of today are way ahead of the older generations where understanding of what is needed to put humanity onto a path that will l