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Sun in Cancer/Summer/Winter Solstice- Re-Mothering Yourself, The Magic of Nourishment + Sensitivity,

By: Astromomma

On June 20th/21st we have a magical cosmic event! The Sun, which represents our ego, vitality and life force leaves the air sign of Gemini and moves into the water sign of Cancer. On the same day, we have the powerful Summer Solstice, for those in the northern hemisphere and the Winter Solstice, for those in the southern hemisphere.

Solstice days are portals of divine magic, initiation and miracles. Shifts of all kinds in our consciousness are prevalent as we enter a new season of possibility and progress. They represent the longest (Summer) and shortest (Winter) days of the entire year. Cancer, the 4th zodiac sign, deals with home, family, emotional foundations, nourishment and security.

The Sun in Cancer and the Summer/Winter Solstice is here to bring an awakening of our emotions and a soothing presence of healing light. The Summer/Winter Solstice is about action, progress and forward movement, mainly due to Cancer's ruling modality of Cardinal energy being present. The Cardinal signs( Cancer/summer, Libra/fall, Capricorn/winter and Aries/spring) all begin a season and due the responsibility and courage it takes to initiate a season, these signs often are amazing leaders and people who are ready to take on whatever task and objective lies before them. Sometimes labeled as "bossy" the Cardinal sign element wants to get things done and to be the first one to initiate such progress with determined action. Some huge shifts within our emotional bodies will occur over the next 30 days. As mentioned, Solstice time invites magical occurrences and spiritual breakthroughs. If things have felt stagnant or just blah, expect to see a renewal of your energy levels and a new profound connection to your purpose and destiny.

The Sun in Cancer and Solstice wants you to come back down to earth and to honor your deepest emotions and sensitivities. No other sign is as emotional and deeply in touch with their intuition as a loving Crab. Time spent decorating, reconnecting with family, cooking and extra self care are all favored as the Sun presides in Cancer. Speaking of family, there is an emphasis at this time to heal any emotional traumas with our mother or our inner mama. Understanding and compassion will flow on a whole new level at this time. The cosmos are asking that we embrace our tenderness and emotions with an acute level of protection and acceptance. Major healing of our inner child is also possible now as we reconnect to our inner emotional compass of self love and self awareness. This is a time to deep dive into our well of what makes us feel safe and secure. It all begins with coming back home to ourselves and embracing all of our strengths as well as our weaknesses. The Sun in Cancer/Solstice wants you to lovingly tune into your deepest emotions and instead of running or hiding from them, to look them in the eye and to nurture and honor their presence. The only way "out" is through.

For this magical new season and Solstice, I have decided to write a special poem for this Cancer season. This is continuing the tradition I have created for each sign. I hope you enjoy it! Happy Birthday to all my loving and sweet Cancers out there!

Cancer Season Poem

May the beauty of your loving heart be recognized and honored for its depth and awareness As you look inside and rediscover your emotions, may you be gentle and understanding with the battles you have fought + overcome It takes courage and insight to confront the unknown waters of trauma + to accept yourself with unconditional love + forgiveness Within this new season may a new you be forged with conviction + determination May you come back home to your heart and listen to her wisdom and sweet music of unlimited possibilities and magic You came here to love and to remove any blocks to such love There is a forever summer inside your being that longs and craves for your own nourishment and care In a world that wants to make you tough, may you find the strength to be soft and tender May you find solace within your soul and honor the journey of your existence No rush or force is necessary now Being in the flow and gentleness are your new friends May you know how loved and appreciated you truly are You are safe and you are right where you need to be May you honor the miracle of your existence May you make peace with yourself + find the courage to do the same with others You are protected You are worthy You are a walking and living miracle of infinite abundance and love

© Astromomma, 2021

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