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Strawberry Full Moon


Super Full Moon

in Sagittarius

The energies coming in with this full moon bring for the continued release of all that no longer serves us and will inspire intellectual pursuits and creativity. Rather than be called into action, you may be feeling the desire to pause and reflect on where things in your life are currently standing and be contemplating where you would like to direct your energy next

This is a great time to put pen to paper to channel in your truest desires but also an adventurous and joyful moon that will stir your inner explorer and assist you in extracting from within all that you would like to create or bring forth into this new reality

The current Collective energies are also still going through a purge/release so this will be heightened with this Sagittarius Full Moon influence

Integration symptoms showing up for this purge are gastro issues, muscle tightness, particularly in the neck, shoulders and back, headaches, nausea, anxiety, heart palpitations, fatigue and increased astral travel/Dreamtime recall

Take this time to rest and be present in what cultivates a healthy and nurturing environment for yourself. Feed your mind with stimulating books or projects and give yourself the space needed to evolve and grow

All that is not of truth or lacking in purity will be bubbling to the surface Collectively

Hold your field of love, forgiveness and integrity and take frequent time out’s for yourself as needed over the next two weeks while this integration runs through

In perfect love and trust

Christy Ashley

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