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Steer Clear of Fear

Calling all ears

You’re in fear

U forgot how to live

The system is rigged

Your in a state of panic, those in control are satanic

You cant cause harm if you’re asymptotic

Your immune system is real

Eat fruits and veggies to heal

You think this “pandemic” is a big deal

But your eating processed foods and drinking alcohol

God is here pick up the call

The mask wont protect you from death

You need fresh air and oxygenated breath

You believe big pharma lies and continue to comply

And your feeling ill and then you wonder why?

Bill gates has become your lord and savior

You got stokholm syndrome behavior

You’re a sheep following the herd, its absurd.

Lions stand strong and know where they belong.

The lies you believe are wrong, are you too far gone?

Protect your temple, its simple

Know your rights and don't give up the fight

Because when you stand up for your self and take care of your health, that is the ultimate wealth

You are bright, you are a light. Don't let the demons dim you, alright?

By Jill Lioness


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