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Spiritual Warfare

By: Natoya Hall

Hi, Beloved!

We are living through some pretty EPIC times and I wanted to touch base with community and speak about a few downloads that have been coming through. We are IN it. These times will be written in the Akashic of New Earth... a few potent things some of you may be realizing right now...

We are living in many different realities right now, to be upset and angry at others for their choices is a waste of good creative energy.

A lot of people are showing their faces because within this Spiritual Warefare nothing is hidden so people that you expected to be "different" or "act" differently or "show" up differently may be surprising you right now and Dear Ones you cannot take this personally. This period of transmutation that we are in is MENTAL, CONSCIOUS and EMOTIONAL. You have lived thousands of Lifetimes to get ready for this NOW. This is the incarnation where you put your wisdom and mental brilliance to use. YOU are it. If you weren't it this warfare would not be happening to stop your Ascension; do you get it? There is NOTHING in this lifetime that you are training or preparing for; THIS IS THE BATTLE and you get to choose the timeline you wish to play this on. I've been preaching for years about how important it is to make sure that your reality is governed by you because you are the creator of what you witness and see OUT THERE. What is happening "out there" is what is happening within you; it is a collapse of an old paradigm ruled in fear.

Make peace with what you know "Death" to be.

Fear is a very real e-motion. When you are in Fear it may seem that there is no way out of it. It consumes you. Fear is a master teacher but also a master liar (on purpose). It will convince you that you are not powerful enough to defeat it and see past the illusion of it. The reason why most are in fear right now is because you trust the fear more than you trust Spirit. There are MANY different narratives being played out right now and the narrative that syncs in your consciousness have to be the ones that have consulted the Divine, your Higher Self and your Teams of Light. I am not here to speak about your choices and to tell you what is right or wrong, that is not my position here. I am not trying to enslave you; you have free will so the fact that you CAN make a choice is a big deal. Just be mindful that you are not being puppeteered in making choices that OTHERS deem best for y