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Spirit Talks in Metaphors

"You are here to mirror the splendor of Spirit." - Kryon


Does gossip hurt your heart? You know the scenario… you’re with friends, perhaps, you've always been with, and suddenly gossip begins. Suddenly, the complaining starts.

And… you chime in. It seemed normal because it's what human nature often does. There's no evil there. There's no dark energy there. It's simply a lower consciousness, dear ones.

Then you react.

You don’t intend to contribute to the gossip, or the complaining, or any of the other things which seem to do nothing but pull everybody down into a dark hole.

You’d really like to bring up enlightening things and positive things.

And when you’ve tried to insert love into a toxic conversation, the others simply look at you, say nothing, and go right back to the gossip.

It's tough. It's tough.

What do you do about that? I will tell you there are those who say, "Well, you remove yourself, of course." And there were days in an older energy when that's exactly what you did. "Well, I'll never do that too ... So I won't be their friend anymore." And so you remove yourself.

Dear ones, don't remove yourself. And this is the new information. Here is the premise of the Old Soul on Earth. Are you listening? The reason you're here. Are you listening?

You exist right now for a remembrance in your Akash, your remembrance of your Akash, of a light from the other side of the veil.

You are here to mirror the splendor of Spirit. You are here to mirror that which you believe and understand about the beauty of the Creative Source of God. That's why you're here.

You are here to be a walking example, a positiveness of kindness, of compassion, of being able to heal yourself amongst the friends you may never see. Or they might.

So you're around those who are gossiping. You're around those who are complaining. Don't chime in with what they want you to say. You may say nothing, but you would hold a positive attitude.

Even if you don't say much, they'll understand over time; you're not saying much.

They may actually turn to you one time and say, "You've changed a little. You're not saying much." And at that point in time, you understand that you're still in love with your friends and they're in love with you. They're friends.

You're not going to say anything to them or at them; that would change that. You're not going to oppose them or tell them they're wrong.

Instead, if you're asked, you might say, "I am more comfortable today than I ever have been. I'm seeing some positive things on the planet." And you might then have a list ready.

"This has happened to me. I've seen this and that. And I know it's a tough thing, but that's why I'm not saying much." And then at the same time, you say, "But I love being with you. Thank you." Do you see the wisdom in this? Suddenly you are mirroring the grandness of what you believe.

And so it is!

— Kryon of Magnetic Service

through Lee Carroll, the Original Kryon Channel

Excerpt channeled by Lee Carroll on June 7 2021, during Healing Wednesday.


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