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Space Portals and Travel

We Travel Through Our Portals

Our galaxy operates as one huge whole system, totally interconnected through an interstellar communication web. Through our portals located in the Library of Porthologos, we can contact anyone, or travel anywhere in our Universe and beyond. Spaceports Inside the Earth

There are spaceports based inside Earth's interior, inside her mountains, beneath the oceans, inside the Hollow Earth cavity, that will take you on jaunts out to your solar system so you can witness first-hand the life on the planets around you. You will be in awe of Earth's majesty and in awe of God's creation always humble and respectful as your experiences and beliefs drastically change into a knowingness that has up until now eluded you.

You are in for the thrill of your life. So just hold on as Earth goes through her changes, and know that you will be safe and cared for, no matter where your destination is. Every soul will be accounted for and every soul provided for in the great play called life on Earth.

It is now the ending scene, and you are about to take your bows and leave the surface stage forever. You will reappear in another grand play, only this time you will play out your parts on a more conscious level, with more control of your lines and actions and in more control of your lives.

We in the Hollow Earth will be with you this time, helping and encouraging you to reach your fully conscious state, so that the whole planet can embark together on its next leg of the journey through life.

We Travel Freely Inside Our Globe

My dear friends of the Earth: I am Mikos, and I speak to you from the Great Cavern under your cities. This cavern spans the whole circumference of the center of the Earth. Our lives here are blessed with abundance in every way you can think of. Were you to let your imagination roam the Stars, all you can conceive of and more, we are blessed with. All we can imagine, we can manifest for ourselves. Such is the nature and natural law that exists everywhere you go in our Galaxy.

We are all Free Beings, free to travel and free to remain inside our cherished Earth. You may think our living space is cramped, but it is spacious, as our population is few compared to your billions. We travel freely inside our globe, needing no passports. Our means of travel is non-polluting, using only electromagnetic conveyances and crystal power. Your governments on the surface use these also, while keeping the secret well hidden from your populace. With all the rolling blackouts in California, soon your people will wake up to the unlimited supply of solar and wind and water/hydrogen power.

We are free to come and go as we please, and we often leave our homes for short trips to other star systems. We seldom visit your surface cities, but prefer to view them on our computer screens. This is the safest and most comprehensive way to follow your activities worldwide.

We are always awake when you call to us, as we are attuned to your frequency and can instantly hear and feel your call. With over-brimming love in our hearts,