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Divine Mother, You Are Our Fulfillment

1. In Egypt, Beloved, You were Isis, You were Hathor, You were Maat. But more than an ancient Trinity -- You are *Infinity*!

2. Strangely, still, there are those who *flee* from Your Love, Your nurturing, Your magick, Your Mystery -- flee from a universal connection with You, flee from awareness of Your Divine Energy, flowing through all being, flee from *knowing* You.

3. One must go from the outwards, inwards, to know You -- rather than looking to the outwards & ever-further beyond... hoping to find You there.

4. Your impulse goes deep, stirring us to the core of our being, begetting a process of inner integration that we come into knowing *union* with You.

5. When we *return* to You, Goddess Mother of the All -- within the depths of our being, we reattain unity with All That Is in the sanctitude of having awakened into Your Presence... & experiencing the fire of Your Spirit, within.

6. You enable us to transcend all limitations, for You are the Illimitable, Beloved. You reunite our vision.

7. The flint of the mind, the rock of the heart, melt like lava in the cleansing Fire of You, flowing into the pure SourceSprings of Your Essence of Being.

8. Divine Mother... You are the fulfillment of All that is, & All that will ever-be.

~~wynn manners

Mostly written 22.November.2011.

Completed 13.September.2014.

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