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Sophia is the cosmic Goddess, the one who contains all aspects of the Mother Goddess, and yet is beyond all of these aspects as well. She is of the earth and of the heavens.

Sophia is the House of God, and the bride of Christ. She is a living, infinite, divine, archetypal spirit. She is also the consummation of the Christ path, in that She assists in the transfiguring union of spirit and flesh. She is our most expansive, macrocosmic, female self. She is God.

Sophia is the Tao of heaven and earth. Sophia is the cosmic body of Christ; Sophia is the feminine aspect, the Shakti of Issa, the eastern Christ.

Unfortunately for the west, Sophia has all but been buried under the festering mound of conventional religion. However, She is real, and infinite, and waiting for humanity to embrace Her once again.

When we are united as being and non-being, spirit and flesh, Sophia and Christ, then we are one, the om, dynamic timelessness -- the all-encompassing Tree of Life, pulsating in the living now of the Self which is beyond personality.

This happens as the kundalini within rises upward and out of the lotus -- the crown chakra -- exiting the confines of the body. Through this opening, at the top of the head, the serpentine flesh-consciousness is united with spirit, and Earth and Heaven commingle into one.

The Earth is now connected to Heaven through the bridge of the transfigured individual. The mustard seed has grown into the Tree of Life.

Ascension has occurred. The individual is immortalized. The flesh is redeemed through the kundalini channel.

In the union of spirit and matter, via the kundalini, the body becomes as empty and vast as space.

A reversal occurs -- the male becomes matter, and the female becomes spirit.

The physical becomes the chemical, the chemical becomes electrical, and the electrical becomes nuclear, and that is when the transmutation of matter into energy takes place. That is when the body becomes light. Transfiguration.

~~ Jack Haas


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