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By: Ramona Lappin


HUGE RELEASES of old artificial Timelines/ storylines/ Miasms/ karmic imprints/ programming/ trauma/ the old you in progress. Collapse of old Matrix hologram and systems unfolding as 3D Conscioussness is transmuted into higher Dimensional awareness.

The main message is to LET IT ALL! GO! LET THE PAST GO! Wrap your old Self and all your memories in God's Love, any remaining pain, fear, worries, anger, grief.. ask for it to be released and absolved once and for all, grateful for the lessons served and give all your baggage to God Source so you can fly and soar into ALL NEW with this sacred Solstice Gateway! It's a great old final release of personal, ancestral and Collective karmic miasms and trauma imprints at cellular and atomic Quantum level some of us are navigating consciously on behalf of the Collective. Hence HUGE Ascension symptoms as the old Matrix hologram clears from our and the planetary body as well as Upgrades to our Crystalline Lightbodies and DNA .

We are asked to let go of any remaining guilt, shame and blame etc. FULLY stepping out of any remaining Victim-victimizer programming/ energies to fully re-claim our God Source Self, our full, True Power! THIS IS DEBT FORGIVENESS, when we understand the perfection of all that has played out and everyone having played their roles. Non of this is personal, it's a learning experience, a thought experiment that is resolving it's own distorted Consciousness. As long as we still blame anyone or anything for where we're at, we keep being caught up in this program and Polarity Consciousness. We have to remember that we can't start with new Beginnings if we're stuck in the past but it's not that we forget either, but we are to forgive. FORGIVENESS IS KEY if we wish to move on and leave the old behind. It also means holding everyone accountable and responsible yet all all-ways starts with the Self. It's really about Understanding the bigger picture and perfection of the madness that has played out, how all of this works, how to create responsibly and no longer from negative ego desires. It's a process for sure but a shift in perception does trigger Quantum Healing! Just remember, having learned the lessons we came in here for; NOW WE KNOW BETTER and can therefore co-create much better! But we have to make peace with the past and resolve all remaining conflict within the self where all springs originally forth from, the original Consciousness.

We've been releasing a lot of old programming connected to the lower three chakras and Dimensional Realities. Survival programs, karmic stories, karmic relationships, gender split, sexual distortions, topics around abuse and giving away power, feeling powerless, negative ego programming etc. All we are asked to do is a deeper surrender to ultimately WHAT IS AS IT IS, as we work through this and shift through the heavy karmic load that is being cleared. It's all about feeling all that arises, keep seeing it from different multi-dimensional perspectives and keep coming back to Neutrality to integrate ALL. Keep going forth and back, balancing and unifying all within. ALL IS TO BE UNIFIED TO COME TO AT-ONE-MENT WITHIN, WITH ALL, WITH SOURCE. This is Polarity Integration.

Some of us transmute a lot of the Collective energies (shit) and I have found myself soul tired of this work altogether. The last two days have been a huge review of my life / all my life's thus far and having huge compassion for the journey I have been on especially over the past three years and having this for all of humanity. Seeing the perfection as well as having the deepest compassion for the suffering that has been endured. It's been tough, yet I know others had it tougher but it's also no competition and I am grateful for all the blessings, support and experiences along the way which were absolutely necessary to get me to where I am today and that is a deep inner sense of peace and Unification. All of it has to be acknowledged and is True. I'm very proud of myself in how far I've come and who I am, a deep inner sense of self approval, appreciation and worth! It's truly time for us to claim and know our worth just by being, BEING IS ENOUGH, nothing to proof, all else comes from here. Some days when I go through these clearings I ask myself why I keep doing what in doing, as it's barely been supporting my physical existence, but then I keep being reminded to the bigger picture, my mission and purpose that keeps me going and focused. Another program to dissolve that we have to do anything to 'earn a living'. It's our birthright which we have been reclaiming by re-programming our core beliefs around survival and money.

I've been releasing a deeper layer around my core wounds of not feeling supported, seen and acknowledged. It's also connected to the gender divide and masculine and feminine energies. Of the inner masculine fully acknowledging, believing in, trusting and supporting our inner feminine as well as forgiving the masculine, merging and unifying both in harmony and balance. It's also now about those of us having worked so hard for the Ascension to receive more support and recognition for all we've done. That always starts within us, like all else! We have to first acknowledge and see the worth of all we've been doing ourselves. So it's for us to claim this within first and our realities will reflect this back to us, as is always the case.

It's taken a LOT of struggle, preserverence, dedication and integrity to get through it and it's important we FULLY RECOGNIZE OURSELVES for all we've overcome and achieved. For the


AS IT IS! We are taking charge of the Grids now as the clean up is in full swing. CELEBRATIONS ARE IMMINENT!! I truly feel THIS SOLSTICE IS THE TURNING POINT for many that have been patient and diligently doing their work with little support, rewards or recognition. I am seeing many of us being given a lot of responsibility at collective level and stepping out of obscurity, often been working behind the scenes. It's been a long time coming. We've been detaching from outcomes, people, places, material things, desires etc to find our True Self and Source through much inner work of peeling back the layers of the false Self. It's been a rough ride but also couldn't have been any other way. Now we say good bye to those experiences as the new becons! Calling in the support from Source, higher levels and soul family to work on our long awaited visions and projects for a New Earth and with our needs provided for so we can thrive and expand on all levels, LIMITLESS!

I'm seeing a beautiful Crystalline Diamond Platinum White Portal as a representation of this sacred moment. We're anchoring and finalizing the Quantum Leap into the next density, all we have to do is leave the old behind. Pure God Source Codes rewriting DNA, RNA sequencing back to 'perfection' in NO-TIME. Time vector codes and fire letters overwritten by Quantum time codes. Many Activations, rays and layers of Activations merging, unifying and overlayed throughout the multi-dimensional hologram. Multi-dimensional merging of our bodies as the rip in time heals and all unifies. Dissolving our sense of Self and all sense of seperation as we merge into the Oneness that we inherently are. Anchoring and reemergence of the Holy Trinity, the Three Fold Founder Flame and UnityGrid/ Tri-wave/ Unity Consciousness all as fractals merge again as ONE!

AS WE UNIFY ALL OF OUR FRACTALS BACK INTO ONE, ALL UNIFIES AND KNOWS ITSELF AS ONE! We hold the Blueprints and instruction sets for the New Consciousness arising!

AS WE RISE, ALL RISE and lower Frequencies dissolve.

As the Collective Consciousness shifts and rises new perceptions are born and the past and future rewritten as all is connected within the Quantum Field. Polarity unified in Divine Marriage through the Power of Divine Love! What comes next is up to Source, to Divine Will. WE LET GO AND LET GOD!

Time to let fully go of the past Beloveds, stepping fully into the New, the unknown. Opening up wide to receive all that we have worked so hard for, requesting and resting in the knowing that WE ARE SAFE & SUPPORTED NOW IN ALL-WAYS. Make this a self fulfilling prophecy as we remember that thoughts create things and we co-created this all! The beauty and the misery. NOW WE KNOW BETTER!


Activating, anchoring, lock and seal TIMELINE LOOP DISSOLUTION as we release the thought forms, beliefs, bonds, seals and harnesses that kept us stuck in the Illusion / thought construct of time, space and gravity.

Old artificial Matrix holographic overlay dissolving to reveal the New.

THE ONE TRUE ORGANIC ASCENSION TIMELINE ONLINE as lower Timelines collapse and lower Frequencies are purified through Crystalline Liquid Plasma Light infusions, re-encrypting our and the Planetary Morphogenetic Field/ Blueprints, clearing of density.

Divine Human & all race Blueprints, DNA, cells and atomic Quantum level regenesis in full swing in NO-TIME.

See your every atom light up, infusing it with Divine Love throughout time and space, purifying and upgrading all to it's highest Divine Blueprint in NO-TIME. Initiating carbon to crystalline atomic quantum Transformation.

Activation of Diamond Crystalline Rainbow Solar Plasma Lightbody and the Divine Template of the Sacred 144 DNA codes and keys.

Return to Singularity.

Return to Unity, Innocence and Purity.

Activate & unlock Emerald Order Record memory within the genomes.

COLLECTIVE MEMORIES RETURN WITH HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS PERCEPTION bringing resolution and assisting the unveiling/ revelations. Downloads/ Activation of multi-dimensional data packages, awareness and instruction sets unveiling next steps, how to use gifts and abilities, visions and new project inspiration/ ideas.


Keep listening within, that's where all the answers are. Keep merging with your multi-dimensional Self and Source, with ALL. Much self care and silence needed as we're anchoring and navigating the unfoldment of this massive Collective Consciousness Quantum Leap, ready for anything!

As all-ways, please only take what resonates and leave the rest.

Eternal Love & Blessings, Ramona


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