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Sirian High Council-I am Sirius

Saint Germain 10-7-21Sirian Civilization

Greetings Humanity,

I am Sirius, the High Council of the Sirian Civilization, and I reside on the planet Sirius. I am pleased to communicate to your planet Earth.

My race focused on spiritual development in conjunction with technological advancement. We are humanoids, taller than humans, our height usually varies from 7 feet up to 10 feet tall.

There are more then one group of Sirians, not all of them reflect same godly evolution. My group reached the highest spiritual expansion, so some of us are 12th dimension and up. The numbers of the dimensions are limitless in the Cosmos. You can be a very high dimensional being and still remain in a physical form.

We visited your planet eons ago on numerous occasions to help your growth, as soon as the conflicts started between different races, we left as we don’t have any desire to be involved in wars. The humankind doesn’t remember us, because you don’t retain your memories from the past lives, the Dark Entities erase them.

My planet has two suns and one big blue moon, so our nights are not so dark like on Mother Gaia. They reflect bluish shadows from the moon. We don’t have winters, the temperature stays the same year round. We stay daytime on the surface of the planet, and during nighttime we move to the inside, where we have built modern cities.