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Saturn Square Uranus

By: Romy Wyser

Saturn restricts and Uranus wants to break free. These polarising energies will create an uncomfortable pressure within you and around you as they highlight what you’re seeking to control, or how you’re feeling controlled versus the driving need for freedom and radical revolution.

It can, and will be a critical point of crisis energy, sometimes arriving suddenly and with challenge, but ultimately leading to change and the release of something greater within you. An awakening Uranus provokes a karmic Saturn that will instigate historic shifts that are rooted in your soul contracts and will help initiate transmutation to bring a better balance and awareness to your journey.

The heaviness you attach to situations and the emotions this triggers will be cornered as you are invited to look deeper for new approaches and ways of breaking free of a dependant cycle or overbearing commitment.

So much will crumble in terms of your old way of doing things and it will allow a rich oxygenation into the aspects of your life where everything’s been restricted and locked down for too long.

A chance to put into practise what you’ve learned is what Saturn wants to see before he delivers the keys to the next level.

It will see you desire more for yourself and think more wildly about how to make this happen.

As we meet the second chapter of the story in June let yourself be aware and awake to what it’s teaching you in your own life right now.

It’s a conversation that perhaps you’d prefer to avoid but it’s the kind of profound transformation you’re truly seeking. So stay in the moment and you’ll ride the storm to see the rainbow.

Time is highlighted. You want spontaneous, instant change to speed things up and Saturn wants to slow it down, lock it in and say “not yet” and in retrograde asks you go back over something before you jump ahead.

Finding an equilibrium between these two will help you evaluate something thats been bringing resistance to your ability to find presence and peace. This knowledge will be gold to help you progress and grow from the experience.

The key is to work ‘with’ the tension to create something new or different, to unearth a way to rethink what’s happening and why. To allow what wants to break away or crumble to release and be poised and ready for the inspiration and realisations that will emerge.

It’s uncomfortable tension but one with a pure purpose of enlightenment, progression and liberation.

Bright Blessings

Romy Wyser


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