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Saint Germain: A Mindful (Heartful) Future

Greetings, I am Saint Germain, and it is an honor to come forth to you once more.

I have been delivering many messages and expressions of insights or energy to you over this period of ascension. I am extremely excited and in the midst of ascension process that is taking place, adding my own wisdom, guidance and support to all who are moving through the ascension process now.

In this moment, I Saint Germain, wish to share an insight to open your mind, to create a new perspective, a vision, or an understanding that you can carry forth in your ascension and your existence upon the Earth.

When we have a vision or an understanding in our minds/ hearts it supports us in moving forth in achieving what is necessary. It also allows your own being to open up some new opportunities and experiences, as well as allowing new energies to enter into your space.

The vision, the focus I wish to share with you is of a mindful/heartful future, even a mindful/heartful present.

Each being upon the Earth is embarking upon their spiritual journey. They are moving through ascension with Mother Earth and us, the Ascended Masters, the Archangels, guiding and supporting.

We are moving through our own ascension process as well.

We cannot judge any being upon the Earth. If you perceive a being is not following their ascension process, it is impossible to judge because you do not know their ascension process, yo