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Root Cleansing | Crystalline Kingdom

January 21, 2022 Channelled by: Natalie Glasson

Greetings and love, we are the collective energy of the Crystalline Kingdom. We are the spirits that exist within the crystals upon the Earth and yet we also exist as a collective energy on the inner planes. We support and are involved in major ascension shifts for the Earth and for all, as we the Crystalline Kingdom are able to exist within all dimensions, which means that it is easy for us to anchor high vibrational light into the Earth. It is our purpose to bring forth, emanate and also amplify the light of the Creator. We bring forth pure vibrations of light that often have intentions or a powerful purpose.

We are aware of the Over Lighting Project. We are aware of the current or river of light that is flowing from the inner planes into all dimensions and especially into the Earth in order to penetrate cells and anchor supreme light, so the truth may activate to further enlighten all. We wish for you to know that the Crystalline Kingdom are supporting this current of light. We are sending into this current of light pure white light from the Crystalline Kingdom, this has a purpose of anchoring into the root chakra of the Earth and also the root chakras of all beings upon the Earth. As this pure, crystalline white light anchors into the root chakras of all, our intention is to support the cleansing of anger. Anger is a powerful energy and emotion. It is needed in the human reality; it is a reaction that is essential and allows you to learn a lot about yourself. However, when anger is held within the root chakra, it causes many problems. Not only does it mean that your creations are born from or with the vibration of anger. It also means that anger can influence your legs, your feet, and your lower torso, influencing, and impacting the organs.

When anger is allowed to manifest, moving through and transforming into something else. It cannot remain stagnant or held within the body, especially within the root chakra, it becomes a natural reaction that brings forth greater light.

There are many beings upon the Earth holding anger in their root chakras which requires healing and transformation. We the Crystalline Kingdom wish to bring forth our pure white light, which is anchored into the Over Lighting Project, the current of light. This means that when you absorb and call forth the Over Lighting Project you can ask to specifically connect with, ground and embody the Crystalline Light in order to cleanse your root chakra and to cleanse the anger present. When we say cleanse, we mean bring the anger to its fruition, to its transformation. Anger often has a purpose of greater enlightenment, a deeper insight, and knowingness of self. When it is stagnant, this knowingness of self is lost, our light continues the momentum of the anger to bring it to that space of knowingness or enlightenment that is needed.

This is an opportunity to understand more about yourself and to recognise what the purpose of the anger and situation was? Thus, you will begin to reflect upon your reality in a different way.

We invite you in this moment to place the attention of your mind and your awareness into your root chakra at the base of your spine.

Imagine the root chakra as a red colour. You can ask the root chakra if there is any unresolved anger, and the root chakra will share with you the unresolved anger. In your own time, you can feel into that anger. Maybe the root chakra lets you know of a situation or scenario that is occurred in your reality. As you feel into the anger, meaning connecting with it, it can be daunting as anger holds the energy of power and often many people are fearful of power as well.

If you can sit with that energy of anger and your power, you can ask the Over Lighting Project to flow over and through your being and the Crystalline Light to flow into your root chakra. As this white light flows into your root chakra you may become aware that your root chakra, almost turns to a pink colour with the blending of the red and white light. This will only be during this process, the pink light symbolises unconditional love and it is this unconditional love that we give to the anger in order for it to resolve itself. As the Crystalline Light flows into and through your root chakra, creating the presence of unconditional love, you begin to see through the illusions of anger. You also begin to recognise new thought processes and understanding. The more you become connected into the love space, the unconditional love emanating and manifesting within your root chakra, the more the resolution will dawn upon you. It can be as simple as needing forgiveness. It could even be creating disconnection or connection. You will understand the answer and the resolution, it is important to realise that once that resolution comes that the anger has been released from your root chakra. It is no longer stagnant.

In fact, it remains as enlightening energy to support you further, and for you to create with. It becomes your foundation. In this time when so much light is anchoring into the Earth, it is the vibrations and emotions that cause separation with the Creator that are being brought into your awareness for a healing, a transformation and a resolution. It is important to recognise that these energies are stagnant, they are stuck, when you are holding on to it and emotions especially of a negative vibration the energy has not completed its journey. It is not natural for an energy to remain as one thing. For example, maybe a situation occurs in your reality, that creates a fear, and you hold on to that fear. The fear needs to be felt, to be understood and needs light so that it can resolve and continue its journey. If you hold on to it, you are stopping the flow of energy, you are stopping the flow of that journey that the light, the energy was embarking upon.

With this understanding, we begin to recognise that negative emotions are actually a positive process that allow momentum and the evolution into greater light. Please do call forth the Crystalline Energy within the Over Lighting Project and please anchor it into your root chakra or ask us to anchor it into your root chakra. We will support you throughout the entire process.

We thank you, we love you,

We are the Crystalline Kingdom

Channelled by: Natalie Glasson


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