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Reclamation of the Solar Divine Feminine & Divine Mother Source Codes!

By: Ramona Lappin

We are being supported by the most Powerful Waves of Blue Ray and Aquaelle/ Aqua Ray infusions. Powerful Blue Diamond Rainbow Plasma Rays from the Andromeda Galaxy (milky ways twin) and Aurora Host Matrix are healing and supporting the re-encryption of our Blueprints back to 'Perfection'! The most beautiful Divine Love Portal has opened and is healing and opening up of our Sacred Crystal Lotus Hearts, the Key to our Ascension, as we heal from the deep sorrow, heartbreak, grief, sadness and separation with the Love of the Divine Mother. Our new Templates and Blueprints continue to come online in a powerful and profound way, levelling us up in our Embodiment, as we continue to merge with our Multidimensional Self and our Solar Plasma Lightbody's heal and activate and higher dimensional strands of DNA are coming online now.

You may feel waves of bliss, love and joy as well as waves of emotional clearings roll through you as our Hearts and bodies heal. Powerful Clearings, Integrations and Upgrades continue and many various symptoms can be experienced. Release it and tend to it all gently with care. Focus within and let the distractions fall away and when the Energies get too intense focus on coming back to balance and peace within. Keep coming back to Peace and Neutrality, to the Zero Point Field in NO-TIME, All shifts from here! So when you feel yourself getting stressed or 'spinning off' as these Frequencies continue to amplify and increase, make it your business to address it asap. Stay in the flow, in NO-TIME. All becomes accessible and aligns for us from here. Especially when you feel you don't have time you are well adviced to make the time!! Higher Reality streams/ Timelines become available when we stay in flow and alignment! When we 'spin off' and lose our centre things tend to go haywire.

"Aquaelle is directly related to the daughter of Christ bloodlines that incarnated on earth from Andromeda, and this is also an embodiment coding potential for bringing forth the Diamond Sun Body, which influences the potential of both male and female unification, Sacred Union. The progeny of Aquaelle was brought through the human tribes that became known as the male and female twins of White Buffalo Calf Woman and White Navajo that are direct descendants.

The consciousness units of the next Universe, the Rays of the next Universe, the beings that live there in alignment with Krystal Star and Unity Intelligence, are called Aurora. Krystal Star works with the Aurora to build Aurora Platforms that are safe zones that step over the reversal fields running on the earth from the Frequency Fence and NET. The Aurora Platforms allow access into the passageway that leads to the area of the Ascension Earth in Andromeda, this is the Aquaelle matrix that transmits the Mother's Aqua Ray Daughter Codes into the earth Crystal Caverns. Therefore the Aquaelle genetic lines that have remained on the earth are the natural Keepers of the Crystal Core...

..the daughter codes of Aquaelle are helping to repair and support in the transition of Dark Matter field into higher templating with a new BASE CODE...

..the Cosmic Mother of God aspect to be linked into the 1D through 4D areas of this planet through the Grandmother Butterfly patterns. This aspect that is available to us through Guardian Host is called Aquaelle, the daughter coding from the Andromeda gate. (I feel this to also represent sophianic consciousness, the Daughter of God made through the Christ genetic bloodline)...

. ..This is an ascension hosting platform that is also a dispensation to help retrieve, transit and heal bloodlines in this earth that had been marked with generational satanic insignias for binding, astral traps and SRA related traumas of Blood Sacrifice...

..and this is also an embodiment coding potential for bringing forth the Diamond Sun Body, which influences the potential of both male and female unification, Sacred Union healing through the 777 ancestral clearing codes, even though it was described as Daughter Codes.."

- Excerpt from Ascension Glossary

Wounds of the Divine Mother and Feminine are arising especially to be healed now and the Mother-Child bond and DNA-RNA codes are Healing too, this is also assisting our inner child Healing and that of our deepest wounds now so we can fully move into the new! As the Divine Feminine heals she heals the Divine Child and Divine Masculine as she holds the perfect Proton Seed. She has the power to heal all of Creation, this is her gift. It's truly amazing all that is unfolding and finally coming together after aeons of perseverance! Yet is is also challenging and takes our full focus to navigate these topsy turvy energies and merging with our Higher Identities. Remembering to use all of our tools and all we've learned. Nature and earthing are most supportive and align you to Earth's Frequency and magnetic field as it shifts. Extra water intake is highly recommend and anything to support the heart openings, cell renewal and clearings. Salt baths, relaxing music, move your body, get a massage, essential oil, your body knows what it needs you just go to listen! Heart openings and healings do sometimes even physically hurt and can turn into back pain and problems or even feelings of having a heart attack. Of course always check with your Higher Self if you need medical assistance or not. Our bodies are integrating a LOT and require our upmost loving support to assist this EPIC TRANSFORMATION from carbon to crystalline plasma!

There is also a huge release of alien implants, artificial materials and the Planetary Shadow Body and lunar distortions as we reclaim our core encryption and Source Codes. Solaris keeps popping with powerful earth facing plasma encoded CME's and we have solar winds and elevated Schuman Resonance levels. There is just soooo much going on! ALL is culminating. It takes everything we have learned now to navigate this unknown and wonky new terrain. The old rules no longer apply! The new higher dimensional realities are about to come powerfully online. Staying balanced and relaxed is key! Let anything unnecessary fall away! We are here to be the anchors and hold the frequency of Heaven on Earth for all to see again! Collective Awakenings are unfolding as our Higher Identities 'walk into' our vessel and merge Consciousness.

Keep coming back to Zero Point, in Neutrality and drop into your Sacred Crystal Heart and Breath and let it open and release all remaining fears that are holding us back and small! Rest in the KNOWING that our time has finally come, our perseverance finally bearing it's fruits, for IT IS SO, IT IS DONE! Now we are seeing it all unfold. Hold that Frequency and open your Sacred Crystal Heart to the Love of the Divine Mother and Source and allow this Divine Love to heal ALL!

As I shared a couple of days ago on Tuesday the 24th, I was shown the opening of a Divine Love Portal at 11:44am UK time that is bringing with it a beautiful Divine Healing Dispensation of our, the Planetary and Cosmic Heart. This specific Activation of higher dimensional light rays and plasma infusions is going to support the healing of sorrow, grief, sadness, resentments and past heartbreak specifically, of this and all other lifetimes. Bringing with it higher Perception of why things have unfolded the way they did. This is a deep wound at inter-dimensional level we will be addressing that concerns our Multidimensional Higher Identities and lower timelines, as there is a deep sorrow of what has been happening to this planet and the ongoing wars and suffering that have unfolded for AEON'S. All the rape, torture, prisoning, killing and destruction. The betrayal, the lies, deceit, manipulations and oppression..

With support of the Divine Feminine Aspect of Creation I am guided to hold a Healing circle at 8:08pm UK time today, Thursday the 26th for 44mins as this is also the last 88 date. We will be supported by the Aurora Host and Family of Light in Alignment with the Law of One, our Galactic brothers and sistars and our Higher Self Identities. This is us triggering a Love Tsunami, healing the Collective Wound of Separation and supporting the further acceleration of our Ascension! Allowing the Power of Divine Love to work through us and heal ourselves as well as all those open to receive as we will be extending this out to all open Hearts, Collectively.

Here is the link to more information on today's Healing for those interested in taking part. If you read this after the Activation has gone 'live' just join when you have 44mins to relax and tune into the quantum field in NO-TIME, it truly works!

EPIC FREQUENCIES! Remember, anything is possible now, especially when we believe and co-create and tune into our desired Realities via Frequency resonance and inner alignment. All else comes from here!

Eternal Love & Blessings,

Ramona 💙


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