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Rebirth Portal

By: Natalia Alba


We are in times of liberation and conscious co-creation. A period for us to regain sovereignty and continue our unique evolutionary journey within the timeline of our choice. We are immersed in a passage for us to resurrect into the Illumined Being that we are, in essence. A time to be grounded, as being anchored on earth is pivotal to have the strong foundations to grow into the Heavens.

At this time, there are many planetary forces helping us to expand into new horizons, especially Jupiter, which will be very active next month, the Sun in Aquarius, together with a wonderful Aquarian New Moon on the first day of February. Energies that introduce the liberating and releasing frequency that will reign for the next two months.

It is with Aquarius that a portal of rebirth opens, giving us the opportunity to work on cleansing, grounding, and renewal, and with it the inner realization that comes when we clear the old and find again the clarity of who we are. A time to prepare ourselves for Pisces, and the transformation, and subsequent resurrection that comes when we are ready to finally embrace the Illumined Divine Being that we are.

Guides invite us to work on personal freedom, as the only way to completely align our lives to this new harmonic timeline. An inner shift that is not about the concept of freedom that we, as humans, have, but about the conscious liberation of our egoic view of reality. When we talk about liberation we believe it is something that imprisons us from the outside, and that we need to break free from. Therefore, what we are doing is polarizing ourselves more, limiting ourselves and reality.

However, Guides invite us to shift our perspective about the sense of liberation and begin to understand that the only thing that can ever imprison us, is our own selves. Our ego and its limited view of reality, together with its false beliefs and programs, is precisely what causes us limitation and hence, fixation and the fear that comes with it, especially if we face change.

Liberation is key if we desire to continue navigating within this new harmonic timeline, and it can only be done by focusing the intention, and attention within ourselves, rather than in the outer, as it used to be in the old. It is only when we go deep into our heart and soul to find the cause of what causes us fear, limitation, pain, etc. that we can get to know these feelings, embrace them, and finally liberate them.

As we move within to do our inner work, we are being reminded of the power of embracing the Cosmic Womb of Creation, the Creatrix, the Mother, the Feminine Aspect of Creation that nurtures us and knows what is best for us, and our unique path. As we continue walking this transition, making some stops is essential for us to embrace these Mother energies, remembering how important is to let ourselves be embraced - wrapped - by the Divine Mother, allowing Her to restore and purify ourselves, while we peacefully rest in Her Arms.

To help ourselves in this portal of rebirth, remaining in our hearts, and in the unconditional love that lies in them, guides invite us to visualize our heart torus (which has an annular shape revolving the same circle around an outer axis), the shape of our heart center, which is always giving and receiving, transmitting us constant guidance through our inner feelings, expanding and contracting infinitely.

We are going to visualize our heart center surrounded by green and yellow to strengthen our heart center, by working with color therapy, and by expanding our heart within the energies of love, compassion, courage, and wisdom, which is why we mainly use these colors.

Listen to your heart transmissions, it is our main source of guidance. It is by listening to our heart's guidance and neutral witnessing that we can get to know ourselves and what we need to dissolve. There is no need to physically see or hear, when we are attuned to our heart and soul, we just know. Inner knowing is enough and we just have to clear ourselves completely to be able to feel what our heart is telling us, at every moment.

Guides offer us too a crystal to help us align with the current energies at this time, a celestial quartz. A crystal to help us descend the wisdom, clarity, and guidance required for us to continue liberating ourselves from the old. This crystal works with our upper chakras, the crown one, together with the eighth and ninth chakras. As its name indicates it resonates with the sixth and seventh dimensions, what we humans call celestial realms, and it is a wonderful one for us to purify ourselves, so we can continue integrating wisdom and the crystalline energies that our body is constantly embodying.

Call upon your Guides team, and the celestial realms, ask for their assistance to help you bathe yourself in their bright white light - cleansing, purifying, and restoring yourself at all levels.

We are always heard and responded, assisted, and supported. Our Guides team gives us many tools and messages for us to move forward from pain, delusion, and illusion, the most important human limitation that impedes us to embrace our Divinity.

The choice to leave aside all illusion, fear, and comfort, is ours, for ascension takes devotion, a strong will and above all, unconditional love to All, which is what truly moves us to evolve and continue assisting no matter the challenges we may experience.

May you always choose the freedom of being who you truly are, Beloved Ones.

Within Infinite Love,

Natalia Alba

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