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Quantum Consciousness

By: Grace Solaris

Quantum consciousness is the evolutionary vantage point and ultimate state of being for humanity, where we have freed ourself from the human limited consciousness and the narrative. This is where we are standing right now in our human evolution! To understand how to navigate it and align with it, you need to understand that everything is energy and that energy determines and holds realities together. So whatever you give your energy to is creating a "story", a narrative. Narratives are made up of thoughts and the glue that binds it together is feelings. We attach feelings and expectations to it, that is how we create unconsciously in this 3D reality.

The problem with this is, that we create determined or expected outcomes and when these are not met, we suffer. We are disappointed, feel pain or frustration and even create dis-ease.

The more advanced way of creating or materialising the formless into form, which is what we ultimately do when we create our reality, is thru connecting with or rather aligning vibrationally with the higher intellegence.

It is consciously holding divine intent without attachment. You simply hold a divine intent for something without creating a story around it.. You don´t determine an outcome and thus you are in divine neutrality. This leaves you free. When you surrender to and accept that you are more than your limited dualistic mind, whose experiences and ability to create is determined by previous experiences, you advance into a higher intellegence. When you understand this higher intellegence, which is the divine wisdom of all-that-is, SOPHIA, which is contained within the LOGOS, the holy spirit god omnipresence, you become FULL access to the infinite intellegence, which is all encompassing unconditional love, therein lies all wisdom. This universal consciousness is the formless, the paramatman, or the great I AM That I Am. It is your very origin and thus not separate from you. This intellegence is benevolent, gracious, abundant, giving... a divine source of joy expanding itself thru re-creating itself exponentially. And your soul is part of this very intellgence and always aims at reprocicating to and reflecting it back to source. When we "get out of the way" and detach from ego attachment and desires to get things "its way", we can align with our higher self, which will always cater for and reflect what is to our highest good.

Thus if we trust, that when we fully surrender to BE and allow the divine intellegence to live "itself" thru us, we become cauldrons and instruments of divine will. We are no longer attached to and confined by the limitations of the lower human consciousness, which is defined by and defied by the laws of polarity and limited to create within the limited spectrum of that.

One of the major laws of duality is time and space. Life and death. However this is not a reflection of truth b,ut conditioned by the rules and laws of the 3rd dimension. Quantum intellegence however is unrestricted by the physics and laws of the 3rd dimension, as it encompasses and spans ALL DIMENSIONS. And so is your multidimensional higher self unlimited and have full access to the infinity of all probabilies. However when you are giving your power away to external authorities and limited ideas and "narratives" you are caught up and limited by conditions set by them. When you "feed" these conditions and limitations you add to that reality.

Those that are in controle of the planet know this and thus do anything to keep the narrative going as to keep you trapped in the matrix and reality, that they have created. So when you accept this reality by submitting and obeying, you support and sustain the matrix, the very thing, that limitates you and controls you and creates suffering.

To unplug from the matrix you need to take FULL responsability for creating your reality and master your energy, your emotions and mindset. Cultivating pure mind, pure heart and using discernment is paramount and necessary. You need to be 100% conscious of what you give your energy to. Watch your triggers!! Because what triggers you emotionally is a clear indicator of what is absent of love. It shows you where there is absence of light, where you withhold love to self. It shows you where you limitate and put conditions on self or others, which leads to drama and suffering. Much of what triggers you has its roots in childhood experiences. Unresolved trauma, surpressed emotions, that are promoted by unconscious fragmented aspects of self, that experience everything from and as separation. These aspects perceive themselves as separated from the divine intellegence and thus suffer tremendously.

When unattended and unhealed these aspects "run your life" as they have their own agendas, which are often a reflection of the collective narrative, because the very core of the matrix IS causing division thru fear, pain and trauma. It lives of trauma and loosh energy. So be grateful if you are triggered, pause, turn within and connect with that aspect of you, that is fragmented and separated from the higher intellegence and your multidimensional self. This is the first step, the step of bringing into awareness, where you are limiting yourself. If you reject, surpress and live in self denial, there is no way out of our the matrix and the karmic wheel of suffering. You are trapped in the unconscious human attachment to lower human desire and egoic addictions, that create suffering. You are literally addicted to suffering.

It takes 100% honesty and full commitment to unplug and take responsability for creating your individual experience of reality. And understanding that you are creating realities thru feeding into your thoughts (which sometimes are not even your thoughts, but a projected version of other's thoughts and their limited ideas or agenda) as well as thru the feelings, that are ignited by these unconscious thoughts promoted by your lower human consciousness or lower projections directed to you by others, who use you as a reflection screen for their unresolved unconscious shadow aspects.

Be mindful and discerning as NOT to create stories, but to exercise divine neutrality and surrender everything to the higher intellegence, which is always aligning you with divine truth, unconditional love and divine will. It will always cater for the highest good of ALL, and as you are part of that ALL, it will also and always cater for your highest good. It is all inclusive.

Now as we stand at the threshold to a new consciousness, the grand awakening, it is critical, that each of us take responsability, that we take a conscious step into being co-creators with the divine and own our divinely given ability to create. That we respond to our ability to choose what we give our energy to, and to administer and master how we use our precious divine shakti energy, that flows to us from Source, and which we are taking in thru the holy breath on and on and on. The Holy spirit is the christ intellegence, the galactic super intellegence, that has been withheld from humanity throughout thousands of years. Even before the the Fall of Atlantis, the planet was infested and infiltrated by lower life forms, that wished to take power over and controle humanity.

The Fall is not only a symbolic term, but literally, the point of time in human evolution, where the descendents of the angelic race, the Elohim, that were first inhabiting this planet, where infiltrated and infested by lower astral mind programs, that aimed to create fear and division. This is when the matrix that is still intact, though it is now dissolving in front of our eyes, with morph speed, was set in place.

So as a specie of angelic beings of "saints" (santified beings) we were made into sinners, we were trapped into a mindset of victim and abuser, that held us in ongoing fear, guilt and shame and created the needed trauma, that they could feed on energetically. The trauma energy is the energy, that sustains this reality and their creators. By consciously cultivating pure mind and heart, we can create loving caring vibrations, which is what they detest the most. It will literally drain all life from them... so the more love you are able to generate, the more light you will emit and because these beings are living of dark energies, the more they will suffer. It will cut them off their energy supply and so you will unplug yourself from the matrix and the narrative, that they have created within your mindset, and they will look elsewhere for life force energy.

By aligning with the divine intellegence and choose love over fear you will be unplugging yourself from the matrix once and for all. Now is the time, that each of us head the calling, the trumphets are sounding, for now is the time for us to reclaim our divinity, to usher in a higher intellegence to ensure the ascension of beloved Gaia into being the star of christ consciousness she is destined to be and for us to reclaim our status as angelic solar beings, pure embodiments of the LOGOS.

Grace Solaris


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