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My Dear Ones,

many of you know me from our past lives together. I come to you now to surround you all in LOVE. You are all going through so many challenges on Earth at this time and I see many of you who are feeling unsupported, unloved and alone. I feel your pain and I want you all to know that I am here for you. I stay very close to you all and I want you to know that you are never, ever alone or unloved. I cannot interfere with your life unless you ask, so call to me in your times of need and I will be with you in an instant to support and guide you through these challenging times.

As a Universal soul you heard MOTHER GAIA'S call for help in her Ascension process from the 3rd Dimension to the 5th and above and you have incarnated on Earth from all over the galaxy and beyond. Some of you have found it extremely hard to lower your vibrations to exist on Gaia's 3rd Dimensional planet. Many souls volunteered but only the most strong experienced souls were chosen and Dearest One YOU are one of those souls.

Each and every soul on Earth today is an essence of the DIVINE and in reality there is NO such thing as division between you. However darker elemental souls have been trying to divide and control humans for eons of their time on Earth. They know no better but Dear Ones I have to tell you, whether you believe it or not, that they too are a part of the DIVINE. They can only exist by keeping you all in a state of fear and they do feed on that fear. It is as if the human kingdom of souls has become like the animal kingdom with these darker souls at the top of the food chain so to speak.

Dear Ones as you may know GAIA's ASCENSION has begun and these darker souls will have no choice than to leave Earth and continue their journey as a soul on another planet of learning. It is just a matter of time now. Your challenging lesson is to learn to LOVE and BLESS them as the DIVINE does. Get rid of your fear, for keeping you in fear is how they like to control you. As a SOVEREIGN DIVINE BEING yourself, they can do nothing to hurt you unless you let them. Their perceived power is no more if you all come together in a body of LOVE.

The fear of Earth's climate changing is just an illusion. She is changing her climate but Dear Ones the 5th Dimensional planet will be an ambient planet where all souls can live comfortably on her soil. There will be energy, food and water wherever you choose to live and there will be no more hunger, thirst or lack of any kind.

Many souls are choosing to leave the planet at this time which was decreed but the future of GAIA is assured and those of you who are reading these words will have chosen to stay. You will have never known a time like this in your past and many of you can hardly believe this to be true but the future on Earth will be truly amazing for you all.

Your soul's purpose now is to keep your vibration high and in a state of LOVE for all and to avoid any fear. Many of you fear for your friends and family who still seem asleep as to what is actually happening. Dear Ones I can help you to come to terms with this fear. Even if your friends and families castigate you for the different views that you might hold, BLESS them and surround them in LOVE and LIGHT. If they are known to you they are not dark souls but they may have just chosen to hide their Light for awhile until it is time for them to shine. It is not your job to change their path. They too came here to help and they will ASCEND in time. Do not try to dissuade them from their chosen path of learning.

It is time now to concentrate on your own path of ASCENSION into this New Heaven on Earth. Have no fear, for others will awaken in their own time as did you. You will be there to hold their hand when they do, so to speak. Stay away from those who are still in a state of dark negativity for they will dull your LIGHT. You have done enough to help others and all you need to do now is to just BE. Work on your own ASCENSION and your own LIGHT and you will attract others who are also ready to ASCEND.

Those souls who are ready to ASCEND now will come to YOU for help and guidance on their own path of ASCENSION. Know that every soul has their own time to awaken. You have done enough now to help awaken others. The way forward now is for YOU to continue your journey into the Higher Realms and in doing so you will be a SHINING LIGHT for others on their own journey.

Listen not to the dark ones in your main news media who are trying to keep you in fear of everything. You are all ASCENDED MASTERS in the making and you are all doing so well. Keep your vibrations high by not listening to those doom mongers, who will say anything to keep you in a state of fear. Go within and KNOW that you are all a part of the DIVINE essence. The DIVINE knows you all as children of the Universe.

Your bodies are changing from carbon to crystalline based and as such you will eventually be able to heal anything. Do not fear bacteria and viruses, as they will only affect you if you let them. Your body is made up of these organisms and it is only when you are out of balance that you will succumb to illness. In truth your body cannot "catch" anything. When your body suffers from dis-ease, it is a challenging lesson for the soul.

This may be very hard to hear for those of you suffering a serious illness but Dear Ones once you ask for help from the DIVINE to heal you and you learn a different way of thinking and being, you will be able to heal anything. Do not listen to those in the current medical profession who would tell you otherwise. Talk to the cells in your body and ask them what they need. As a soul in a human body you are a Universe in and of yourself. The cells in your body are constantly changing and they are instructed to do so by your higher intelligence. Keep your thoughts positive, talk to your body and ask your cells to refresh, renew and regenerate every day and you will be able to heal your own self in time.

Keep your bodies healthy and strong by eating natural foods and clean water. BLESS everything that you eat, drink or put into or on your body. As you go higher into the 5th Dimension you will just KNOW what will affect your body in a good or bad way. No other human can interfere with your body and know better than you as to what is good for YOU.

Of course you may still need the help of the medical profession for certain of your ailments but if you learn to help by using natural healing modalities, you can do much of this healing yourself. Keep your thoughts positive and listen not to those who think that they know better than you. As a soul living in a human body YOU are the one who is in charge of your own body and YOU are the one who knows best. Do not give your power away to another.

And so Dear Ones call on me and I will help you in any way that I can.

I cannot interfere with your life's journey but I can guide you if you ask me to help you on your own path of Ascension.

My Dearest Ones I send you so much LOVE and many BLESSINGS but I assure you that ALL IS WELL and whatever you may think to the contrary the DIVINE is in charge of this ASCENSION process and will not let you down.

Dearest Ones HAVE NO FEAR and learn to BE the ASCENDED ONES and YOU will live in the new HEAVEN on EARTH that you all came here to help MANIFEST and ENJOY.

I am you beloved servant Quan Yin.

Channelled by Thea Grace Sirius

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