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Pure Intent and Authenticity

Pure Intent and Authenticity

The Divine Source always reads your intent.

By: Judith Kusel

At this time, when we are making this huge transition into the New Earth, which is not authentic and truthful will fall away, and indeed you will be challenged in the deepest core to live your truth!

Indeed, certain knowledge is now being returned, and indeed it is there within the deepest awakening of your own soul. Yet, the question is: “What are you going to do with such information, or even the information you seek? How are you going to live this, apply this and indeed bring this to the world?”

All knowledge indeed is like a two-edged sword: It can uplift, it can raise, it can lift other souls through the Power of Love into the full awakening within, it can heal, it can inspire. Yet, it can also misinform, destruct, destroy, harm, etc. if used for self-service and for hidden agendas.

We are in the midst of the greatest purification process we have ever been through. All the old trauma, the old hurts, the old skeletons, the old lies, the deceits, everything which was kept from humankind, will be churned up, and indeed revealed. Individually and collectively. The Old traumas, the old woundedness, everything.