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By: Ramona Lappin

This journey takes mountains of trust, faith, tenacity, preserverance, patience, surrender and believing in yourSelf, the Divine Plan, Divine Timing and the Divine Right Order for things to unfold! This path is not for the faint of Heart but for BRAVE-HEARTS! It's for the Visionaries, the Architects of ALL NEW WORLD'S, the Pioneers, The Seer's, the Oracle's, The Healer's, The Wisdomkeepers, The Magicians, The Priests and Priestesses, The True King's and Queens, for The Believers!

I know many of us have felt like the manifestation of what we have worked so hard for to be imminent for a while now that we can't even believe it hasn't happened yet. Remember, this is a co-creation. We aim with our arrow but the rest is up to the wind. If we want collective control narratives/ energies to dissolve then we have to do this within ourselves first. We are the change by BEing THE CHANGE!

Let go of all remaining need to control that's still held in your body as the need to control comes from a fear that things are not exactly how they're supposed to be so we try to manipulate and influence the outcome. This is also about us truly believing in that God has our back and ultimately everything is truly rigged in our favour. I know it doesn't often seem that way. Why would 'he' allow such suffering? Until we truly understand we have created it all by ourselves but also as ONE Consciousness, to learn through experience what True Divine Love really is and all that it is not. To learn for ourselves what is supportive to our Souls expansion, evolution and grow and that which is not. We didn't just want to obey blindly and listen to a God to tell us what is right or wrong. We came to learn through experience. God, which in truth is us, and never separate from us, 'allowed' us to experience the creation of realities through experimentation. We have co-created this together as ONE.

So we are now asked to truly, deeply surrender it ALL and FULLY TRUST IN GOD, in OURSELVES & THE DIVINE PLAN!! Believing in God is believing in ourselves! The more we truly believe that everything is always serving us, that even the most painful experiences are all supporting our growth and not hindering it, the more we can see the underlying/ over-lying truth that ALL & EVERYTHING IS ALWAYS WORKING OUT FOR US, the more we reaffirm that ALL IS COMING TOGETHER, the more we will see this reflected in our realities. Only fear and underlying belief systems, that we are sometimes not even aware of, will create that which we don't want to experience. So if we for example believe that we will never be happy in love or that it is not safe to love then we will help create those very experiences that will reaffirm that belief.

Remember, realities are based on belief systems which have been created through repetitive thought patterns. Thoughts create things. Everything is truly perfect. Then the paradox of course is also that it is not as we do not wish to continue to learn through suffering. In the end suffering is necessary until it no longer is. To transcend this we have to first of all fully accept, love and innerstand that all we have experienced throughout many existences has had a Divine Order underlying it's creation and unfoldments. We can't change anything until we haven't FULLY accepted and loved the journey for what it was. Including the immense suffering we have experienced.

We came to learn through experience, for we wanted to know for ourselves and not just be told! It's our human perception and polarised way of perceiving reality that judges things as good or bad. Ultimately ALL JUST IS and has an underlying perfection to it. Once we have come to see the perfection of it all, we THEN can change and shift our realities to those that are enjoyable in nature and do no longer create suffering as we understand what serves us and what doesn't. As the way we think and perceive the world changes we then also have to apply these shifts in the form of changed behaviours also. But first of all we have to make peace with ourselves, our journey and all of creation!! We cannot change that which we resist, judge and condemn. Truly see that all was necessary for us to come back to our true self, our own unique Essence, back to Divine Love of Self and all of Creation!

Thank you for never giving up however hard it seemed and almost killed you/ us many times over. Thank you for believing and trusting even when you had moments where you just gave up, allowing an even deeper SURRENDER TO GOD. Thank you for being your true authentic self even when you were ostracized and abandoned because of it. Thank you for doing your journey your way and through that, anchoring your own Divine frequency onto this plane. Thank you for being you! There's only ONE of YOU for a reason!!! The world needs you and your gifts, abilities and talent, this is our true wealth!! All right there inside of us!

Keep shining! Keep crying! Keep laughing! Keep being whatever arises from within you at any given moment. BEing YOUR TRUE AUTHENTIC SELF above all else, no matter what. Before anyone told you how to be, not to be, way is right and wrong. No more trying to fit in or gaining approval from the outside. When we fully love and accept ourselves for who we truly are, we will find that our realities will reflect this back to us also more and more, and we find others that are aligned with our frequency and that of truth. What the world needs most is Love, authenticity and truth so let's keep anchoring this, it changes everything when we walk in integrity with what we believe in!

Divine Love truly heals all wounds, all illusions of separation and lower realities.

Thank you for believing no matter what this reality reflected back at you/ us. Beyond all reason, beyond all doubt, beyond all illusions, beyond all the naysayers. It takes a very brave soul to keep going when having experienced innumerable push backs, attacks and defeats. But in the end, our faith and believe in ourselves and God Source / the Universe is what won it all!! Can you feel it? ALL NEW WORLD'S RISING?!!

Trust, believe, have faith just a little while longer. Feel, see, know that is has already happened and tune into that parallel reality/ timeline whilst we keep releasing all that is not, which is fear based. Know it is already here, act as if it has already happened.


Keep overwriting, re-coding, de-coding and re-programming the old realities with ALL NEW CREATIONS, as truly we're always watching the past...

Gratitude and Pure Divine Love for all of Gods Creations is what will shift us to experience ALL NEW NOW! Don't let the outer illusions throw you off track when it's oh so close or rather ALREADY HERE


Can you feel the Freedom at hand?

Can you FEEL what is coming?!!!

Now, re-member your mission and how freaking powerful you are & LET'S DO THIS!!!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!


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