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Pre Portal Light Codes Incoming

As we move towards the 2/2 Aquarius Gate on Wednesday, the energy and frequency is rising! A large M Class Solar Flare has just sent waves of Light Codes to the Earth. All of this is helping with the healing and rebalancing of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine.

The Divine Feminine flows are back online within our bodies, and we are healing our Ancestral lines as we discover who we really are.

Not only are we Soul and Spirit, but our body is also a Sacred Creation. It holds within our DNA a record not only of our lifetime that is transferred into our Soul Records at death, but also the history and lifetimes of all our ancestors.

Our body is a Living Library of the story of Earth.

We are indeed Magical and Powerful Beings, and we know how to connect with our Angelic and Galactic Families because we have been Shamans and Galactic travellers on Earth before. It is encoded in our DNA.

Mary Magdalene taught her followers to honor their body and to keep their frequency high, because of course the body functions best at the frequency of Unconditional Love. That is why the Cathars were known as the "pure ones", because they recognised that to keep their frequency and consciousness high they needed be mindful of the choices that they made on a daily basis and to honor their body, soul and spirit.

These are important and awesome times!

The incoming powerful Light Codes are helping us to remember who we are and prepare for our new lives as Magical Co-creators in the New Earth!

Celia Fenn

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