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Planet Alert September 2021

By: Mahalas Astrology


Welcome to September, the month of the Goddess energy. Today is September 6, and the night of the new moon which occurs at 5:51 PM tonight. This ushers in the Jewish holidays starting with Rosh Hashanah, which is their New Year Day. Then 10 days later comes Yom Kippur, the Day of Judgment, and 5 days after that is the festival of Sukkot which is a very Happy Harvest celebration. This corresponds with our Fall Equinox on September 21-22, depending on where you live in the world. Let’s all celebrate! It is time!

I found out years ago that these holidays were very important. On May 23, 1973, I had a dream vision of looking out my front windows and I saw a huge Star of David in the sky, then I saw fighter jets in the air and they were attacking Israel. This happened on October 6, 1973 when Egypt attacked Israel on their holiday of Yum Kippur. The head-line of The Seattle Times Newspaper the next day was “The War of Judgment has started”. This war did not last very long, although it did fulfill one of the Bible Prophecies.

I have been watching their holidays ever since then and this year looks like it will be a very eventful holiday season according to my dreams, which showed me many things that would happen this month, like the sun becoming dark and the moon not giving its light and the ships coming down from heaven. Only time will tell if those events really happen. I know many people have said that September will be an eventful month.

A friend of mine who grew up Jewish sent me a couple of paragraphs on the Jewish Holidays for this year. Here is what she wrote.

“5782 Jewish new year is September 7th, although anyone can celebrate it. It begins with a most auspicious rain/reign of golden Light of God-Goddess upon and into the hearts and upon the lips of humanity. This year the message is the long night of enslavement will soon end. Take your hearts and shelter in the shadow of the ‘most high’. Love will reign/rain down as golden Light in a great shower,