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Peace is a Personal Responsibility

By Avatara Ananda

There is mental illness rampant in this world. Sadomasochistic psychopathy has been glorified as love, status and power. Feeding on drama/trauma stories as some sort of purpose in life has become an operating system for many. A healthy being is free from neurotic obsessions with external validation/control over others through manipulative ways of establishing authority over their psyche (impressing others, performing, pretending, arguing, imposing, convincing, begging, demanding) and hoarding of matter that become determining factors of own worth because there in no TRUTH in own being, only finite illusion with no direct access to source. All of it causes dis-eases of psyche/energy/body and all of it perpetuates pain body. Inner masochist finds purpose in feeding pain body with more pain and inner sadist finds ways to perpetuate suffering of own inner masochist as well as other beings. A healthy being leaves unhealthy dynamics/situations that cause pain/fragmentation/draining of energy and suffocation of innocence, a healthy being is free from needs to feed on others or be a martyr. There is no need for high galactic knowledge to understand that co-dependent victim or predator mentality is toxic, that staying in relationships that are not contributing to expansion of LIFE, PEACE, grace, joy and wellbeing is a result of mental illness because a healthy mind serves only PEACE and wellbeing of self and all others.

If it hurts to be in a dynamic/situations that also causes loss of life force/suffocation of innocence ... WHY ... why stay there and blame, play victim/savior and whatever else pathological misery? A healthy psyche finds a way to move AWAY from pain and suffering while resolving INNER pathologies and trauma directly with inner source.

The collective consciousness is unfortunately infested with psychotic neurotics dependent on external source of sustenance for own false identities. And this is what is being presented to humans as power, love, success and comfort. It’s all a drain, collective sewage of useless to all living beings pathologies.

Even in highly spiritual circles with high coded galactic knowledge there is still sadomasochism. Victim consciousness, conflict/blame/condemnation addiction.

PEACE is personal responsibility. Blaming external chaos is perpetuating chaos. Blaming consumption is insanity because it is simply hunting for food, because that if what it is ... consumption.

Then we have poverty addicted masochists that reject provision for architecting peaceful life of well-being because they are too busy blaming external for everything and upholding poverty vows because they don’t want to participate in money system that is infested with malevolent magic as if we can just sit back and solve global problems by celebrating being broke and unable to reclaim real “money” which is that which retains intrinsic value ... metals, land, seeds, bodies of water, commodities, building materials for healthy communities.

Solution : Do/be what perpetuates LIFE. Learn to relax the nervous system and retrieve yourself from all external conflict.

RADIATE life, RADIATE honest, transparent presence ~ Avatara Ananda

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